Thursday, July 4, 2013

Landslide in Ukay Perdana and what does it mean.

KUALA LUMPUR: A landslide at a construction site in Ukay Perdana left three foreign workers dead and another injured.
Eight workers were performing piling duties at the Sierra Ukay construction site for single-storey houses when the landslide occurred at about 11am Wednesday.
The landslide buried four workers beneath the rubble while others escaped unscathed.
Selangor Fire and Rescue Department assistant director (operations) Mohd Sani Harul said when firemen arrived at about 11.30am, two of the victims had been pulled from the rubble by their co-workers.
"One of them, a Myanmar national had already died, while a Bangladeshi worker sustained multiple injuries including a broken leg.
"Two other workers were pulled from the rubble but they were already dead.
"The bodies have been sent to the Kuala Lumpur Hospital for post-mortem, while the injured worker was sent to Ampang Hospital for treatment.
"We are still investigating the cause of the landslide,” he said, adding that the department would work with other agencies to probe the matter further.
Mohd Sani explained the construction site was located on a hill slope in Ukay Perdana.
"We will contact the housing developer soon. Our operation was wrapped up within an hour,” he said.
The Source: The Star Online

Time of occurence: Thursday July 4, 2013

The Comment:

Not exactly the biggest news out there. But for those who doesn't know where is Ukay Perdana or Sierra Ukay, or maybe you do know its in Ampang, the place is actually much more accurately to be near Bukit Antarabangsa.

You know, the one that have a major landslide that occurred in 6 December 2008, killed four people and buried 14 bungalows. The cause of the landslide at that time was believed to be the pipe leakage laid by Syabas, saturated the land with water and make the ground grow weak and smooth. Like mud or something.

The place gain it notoriety by the name of 'Hill of Death'. Which is hilarious to some people because we all know that the real reason that the landslide becomes big news was because it happened to famous people. Its bungalow you guys, who do you think lives there? When real disaster like food poisoning happened in schools throughout the country, no one even bat an eye, because you know.. its only cause the death of some peon's kid that nobody cares about.
Why? Have you ever heard a school canteen called 'Diner of Death' before? Exactly, thats what I thought.

What about the case back in 2010 where a crocodile terrorizing a fishing village somewhere around Teluk Kemang? Where in the end the crocodile was shot to death because, why not? If the authority will not take action then perhaps a real man would get the job done. I know about this case because I lived around the area at that time, and yes, there ARE crocodiles there. Salt water crocodile. The issue was ages ago and the complaints were numerous.
There were cases where people got their legs bitten.

Like this guy. Souce:

But there are people ignored the case because, you guys, its a crocodile. Crocodile don't bite, they fucking murder you! And oh, what was the authority have to say about this case? Nope, there is absolutely no crocodile. There was also an official statement by the Menteri Besar saying, no. There is no crocodile. And if it does, don't poke the beast or it will retaliate. Let me be honest here, if you are living in a fishing village, its hard NOT to disturb the beast because, you know, you gotta to fish, needs to eat, got kids to send to college, that sort of things.

What.. that crocodile isn't from around here. It 'strays' from somewhere else. Like Sungai Linggi or somewhere ELSE.

Even if, the victim's injury was not caused by a crocodile's 'love bite', the reason why the victim even mention the word crocodile was because the locals knew there was a crocodile there. They just saying, you know. Like, hey you got injured, was it bitten by a crocodile or somebody just pour some ketchup for a really nasty pranks? And then everybody just laugh it out loud. Ha ha ha but seriously though, there is crocodile in the water. The locals, they are nice bunch.

Why do I relate both news that supposedly have no relation at all? Well, no reason in particular. Except when something becomes big in the news, you know that someone in higher ups or have a relation with higher ups was involved. Like the, 4 deaths and 14 bungalow buried in the landslide of the 'Hill of Death' in 2008. Or the landslide that kills 3 and injured 1 workers just yesterday (who were building, well, you guess it a bungalow). 

The landslide that killed 3 and  injured 1 worker.

Hey, don't mind the 1,000 kg crocodile prowling around the fishing villages. In fact, you can even pretend that the crocodile doesn't exist. 
You know why people ignored the crocodile? I bet because it doesn't involves a BUNGALOW. 


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