Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Garlic, the miracle food

Is garlic a fruit, herbs, or vegetable? Garlic is actually a vegetable, but can be use as herbs as well, though not a fruit because it doesn't have seeds in it. Garlic is commonly use as cooking or herbal ingredients. Garlic can also be eaten raw, though its pungent smell and taste would prevent you from doing just that. It will even give you a bad breath.

But that doesn't mean garlic is bad. In fact, garlic is usually called the 'miracle food' due to its tremendous benefits. Cut yourself and afraid to have infected with gangrene? Use a garlic. Have a cold? Eat a garlic. Intestinal problems? Cook with garlic. Garlic is even used as seasoning and condiments, because of its strong taste.

Garlic contain a lot of sulfuric compounds such as alliin, ajoene, diallyl, polysufides, S-allycysteine, and vinyldithiins. And garlic also contain other non-sulfur compound and enzymes such as vitamin B, proteins, minerals, saponins, flavonoids, Maillard reaction products. But garlic is commonly known to have allicin, an antibiotic and anti-fungal compound with many uses.

Its the allicin that caused garlic's pungent odor. Despite that, allicin can kill bacteria such as E-coli, antibiotic-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella enteritidis, and many more. Making garlic, when it freshly crushed, can be used to treat infected wounds. And just wound, garlic also works on acne (pimples), though you might want to do at home before going sleep, instead of going out to meet people. Other skin problems can also be dealt with crushed garlic, such as athlete foot or fungal infection.

And that is not all. Consumed, and garlic can helps strengthen your immune systems as well as fight chest infections, cough, and congestion. That is why garlic a popular folklore remedy for cold. Though, cold technically cannot be cured, but garlic helps you to ward off the flu and colds. Garlic will also helps you to reduce the painful effect of flu and colds.

With high levels of iodine in garlic, it can also be an effective treatment against hyperthyroid conditions. Scurvy (deficiency of vitamin C) can also be treated with by the consumption of garlic, though oranges would be much tastier to be eaten raw. Garlic is more suitable be used as food seasoning with health benefits. And there are lot of benefits from eating garlic either raw or cooked, including fighting against cardiovascular disease, improving blood flows, and improves chances of preventing cancer.

But I guess, what people most interested about garlic is whether garlic can help reduce weight. Garlic can help regulate blood sugar as it enhance the level of insulin in your body. This cannot be used to cure diabetes however, but an effective way to prevent or treat diabetes.

Garlic has also been found to lower levels of LDL cholesterol and raise HDL cholesterol, improving your blood flow and increased your body metabolism. If you live an active lifestyle, this would be a boost to your dietary.

With all these benefits, it look like garlic can help you reduce weight. But eating garlic only will not automatically ensures that you will lose weight. Garlic only helps you to boost the effect of your effort. Improved blood flow, increased body metabolism, regulated blood sugar, all these thing if combined with a decent effort of exercising will incredibly increase your chances of losing weight. Not to this will also helps you out with impotency problem, in case you are wondering. Physically fit person naturally have higher libido because of this.

But don't take this as sure way of treating whatever diseases you might have. Garlic also have side effects if consumed excessively. Halitosis for one, is going be a common side effect. Though chewing sprig and parsley can help you against that, so might as well have a salad with garlic in it. Other effect would be body odor, yes garlic can gives you bad odor. A lot of compounds in garlic can easily entered your bloodstream, which make it an effective herb in the first place. But excessively, the compounds would get flushed out through sweating, as in from your skin pores. So you'll ended with a nasty body odor.

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