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[Tutorial] How to set DNS for USB modem

USB modem is synonym with HSPA (High-Speed Packet Acces) modem or HSDPA (High-Speed Download Packet Access). Ever since the DNS blockade imposed by the SKMM/ MCMC, there have been increase number of questions and request regarding on tutorial or tips on how to bypass the blockade by means of setting up a DNS server. 

So here what I'm going do is, I will list out the steps GENERALLY on how to set up the DNS setting. Because different manufacturer of USB modem will use different interface program such as Mobile Connect, Mobile Partner, Vodafone and whatnot.. so I couldn't get all of the screenshot for the all of the  software. But what I can do is that.. I'm can provide a simple guide with screenshots that reflects the most likely setting so you could get the idea on how to set up your own DNS settings..

Click read more to see the tutorial..

In this tutorial, I'm going to use Mobile Partner.

1. Open up the application for your mobile connection. Its the application that you click every time you want to connect to the internet.

2. From here, you need to get the setting windows. Now, different software have different name for such things. What you need to find is the keyword such as, 'Tools', 'Preferences', 'Settings', 'Options', and it could even be a picture of a gear with screwdriver. Unless you really have never seen a software before.. this is going to be really hard for you. For Mobile Partner, you'll get something like this:

You can see the word 'Tools' there. Click it, and you'll a list of things, but what you want to click is the word 'Options'.

2. After you click the 'Options', new window will  pop out. And it will look something like this:

Go to the 'Profile Management' and you'll see your profile setting. You probably would be  tempted to click the button 'Edit', but it won't work. For some people out there who buy stuff without reading the manual, here the things that you missed out. The profile provided by you ISP is already hard-coded into the modem, therefore there is no way you can edit it. This is probably to avoid you from messing with the settings in the first place because you know.. they know you won't read the manual.. 

In this window, what you need to do is click the button 'New'. Yes, you are going to make a new profile, editable for you. But be warned, READ the goddamned  manual! Its going to list down the basic set-up to connect to your ISP server.

3. When you click the 'New' button. The same window will come out, only with empty spaces. So you need to fill up the empty spaces with the new settings. 

4. For the settings:
 - The new profile name could be anything e.g Celcom3G
 - For APN, tick on static and fill the space with the settings of you ISP provider. 
[Maxis = maxisbb , Digi = 3gdgnet, Celcom = celcom3g] 
 - If the are setting for PDP, choose the type as IP, and tick on auto. 
 - For Access Number or Dial number, fill in *99#  or *99***1#

 - Leave the space for Username and Password blank. No need to fill anything.

5. Now that we done with the basic settings, lets go to the advance setting. Click on the button 'Advanced...' button. And you'll get something like this:

What you want to do in this new window is:
 - Change the IP settings into Dynamic. No need to fill the space.
 - No change on the Authentication Protocol Settings.
 - Now here is the IMPORTANT part. Change the DNS Settings into Dynamic.
 - You can add settings for the DNS settings or just leave it blank. I'll get to that later.
 - No changes for WINS settings. Leave it blank.

6. Click 'Ok', 'Accept', 'Apply', or whatever to make the settings workable.

Now, what have you done if you've followed this tutorial, is that you have made the DNS settings to be dynamic. That means the DNS is changeable. In the step 5, you can add the DNS server if you already know a public DNS server that can be used. I recommend using Google Public DNS server which is [Primary DNS = , Secondary DNS =].
Or.. you could just use a third-party software like DNSJumper. I've already made a tutorial to use it, so.. yeah, knock yourself out. 

Click here-->Use DNS Jumper to Bypass the DNS Blockade!<

Well, that is all. Comment down here if you still have problems..


  1. Hi there. If I use Google Public DNS server do I need to change the DNS Setting as "Static"? I failed to key-in the & when the setting still as "Dynamic."

  2. No, you need to change it to dynamic. If you can't fill the empty space in the DNS setting after you set it to dynamic, then you need to to Control Panel>Network Connection(WinXP) or Network and Sharing Centre(Vista).

    You can check the tutorial here -->

    It would be easier if you use third party program like DNSJumper though..

  3. it doesnt work even i follow ur tutorials here,it just show back to my celcom ip address, 1 thing is weird, when i ady connected with my celcom , it shows im "not connected" , why is that?

  4. wish u can help me out here ty

  5. What celcom IP address? I make a tutorial for changing DNS server, not changing your ip address .. are u sure u use the right setting? The Access Number/ Dial Number is 99# or *99***1# .

  6. yes using 99#, yet i still cant go to any block site here :(

  7. A typo there.. Its *99#, not 99#.
    Ok then, so here is what u need to do. U make a new profile, fill in all the settings, then go to advanced setting, and set the DNS server to dynamic. If the option to put DNS ip address was greyed out, don't worry. Save and apply the setting, then connect to internet, using the new profile. Then use the DNSJumper that I have provided. Only then u can get to access to all the other blocked websites. I hope that helped.

  8. sigh.. i fill in everything and using dns jumper also the same problem T_T,,

  9. How could you have failed? The basic setting for Celcom connection is actually a bonus, the real deal is the change of the DNS setting into dynamic so that you could input public dns instead of through Celcom static-hard coded dns. I reckon you check back your manual book for the basic connection, probably there is a slight differences there that we all could have missed..

  10. yup, basically after the dns setting in the internet dialer software is changed into OTHER THAN being 'static' or 'obtain DNS server automatically', your set to go. Sorry if the tutorial doesn't work for you. :)


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