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Book: Warhammer 40k - The Horus Heresy Part 11

 Next, I'm to write about another book of Warhammer 40k, from the Horus Heresy series. Fear to Tread is the twenty-first novel in Horus Heresy series. As you can see from the book cover, the one with the golden armor with wings is none other than the primarch Sanguinius, lord and master of the 9th Legion, the Blood Angels.While the ugly bastard pinning him down is a Khornate daemon, Bloodthirster Ka'Bandha.

As you might have guessed it, this book would reveal the story of what happened to the Blood Angels Legion during the Horus Heresy. At the dawn of the mankind greatest treachery, Sanguinius have yet to suspect that his brother Horus have become a mad motherfakker. As Horus at that time hold the post of the Warmaster, he gaves the Blood Angels a subjugation duties that takes them all back to Signus system. The system was once pacified by both of the Blood Angels and Luna Wolves Legion.

Sanguinius, eager to show his brother, Horus, his love and support to the newly appointed Warmaster, took the majority of his Legion and sail to the rebelling Signus system. There were histories in that place between Sanguinius and Horus. A significant one. First, the Signus system was one ruled by a xeno species called the Nephilim. Humanoid yet as big as the Astarte, the Nephilim disguised themselves as human's savior, promising peace and serenity. The human population accepted this because, well, turns out the Nephilim kind of mind-control them, giving the illusion that they are at peace (like drugs), but the truth is the Nephilim is sucking the life out of them. The Nephilim lives through the sustenance of what they called 'adoration', or 'worship' of some kind. In return, the human that follow them would feel happy, docile, pretty much like cattles.

Anyway, both legions smashed the Nephilim for the insult they have thrown against mankind, and drive them to extinction. During the campaign, Horus was exposed to the Blood Angels' dark secret, the Red Thirst. A condition where the Blood Angels legionnaire would succumb to extreme blood thirst and lose control of themselves. When Horus was 'enlightened' by the Word Bearer's Legion stupid 'truth', Horus intended to sway the Blood Angels to his cause by utilizing that particular genetic flaw, Red Thirst.

Horus told Sanguinius that the Nephilim is back, and a proper extinction program should be administered again to that star system. Sanguinius, believed his brother, and felt a smote of regret that the Nephilim xenos still surviving, they should just have rolled over and die in the name of Mankind's Ascension, took the full force of the Blood Angels Legion to ensure that the Nephilim stay dead and extinct for good this time. To bad, what awaits the Blood Angels, is something more sinister that the extinct Nephilim (they really have extinct actually, Horus was lying).

But that doesn't just stop there. Turns out Horus have more intended for his beloved angelic brother. You see, Sanguinius is without doubt the most charismatic primarch. Everyone loves him. So Horus afraid that if Sanguinius joins him, he might as well just give the throne to Sanguinius. So Horus was planning so that the Blood Angels would be turned into a mindless berserker of Khorne, with Sanguinius dead of course. Oh, such treachery.      

Next is the Shadows of Treachery, the twenty-second novel in Horus Heresy series. Its an anthology book so there would be several stories in it. I actually was really excited about this book, because one of the short stories in here is The Prince of Crow.

There are 2 main stories (that have chapters) which is the Crimson Fist and The Prince of Crow. Others short stories (without chapters) would be The Dark King, The Lightning Tower, The Caban Project, and The Raven's Flight. All of these short stories is actually.. hmm.. I have read them somewhere actually, is it the Black Library Weekender? I'm not really sure.

But the new one is Crimson Fist and The Prince of Crow. The Crimson Fist is about the punitive force assembled by the Imperial Fist Legion after the Warmaster treachery becomes apparent. They were on their way to Isstvan III to give reinforcement to the loyalist elements against Horus rebels. But they were cut off from the raging war storm and stranded on Phall system, not knowing that the loyalist forces on Isstvan III has been defeated and massacred. But they didn't stranded there for no reason, oh no. Iron Warriors Legion is actually heading toward them thanks to the warp assistance.

The Imperial Fist forces was almost broken to the point of being annihilated, until an urgent news from Terra asking them to break off the engagement and return back to Solar system. The Imperial Fist fled but not without sustaining heavy casualties (that because the Imperial Fist forces were not led by their primarch while the Iron Warriors were led by their primarch, Perturabo). Perturabo was angered because he couldn't exact his rage to the two-goody-shoes Rogal Dorn, Imperial Fist's primarch.

Then, we move to the other side of the galaxy, a another event is also happening. The Prince of Crow. The story is about the Night Lords Legion's first captain, Sevatar. He is as insane as his father primarch, Conrad Curze the Night Haunter. Personally I liked the Night Lords story as much as the Space Wolves due to their anti-conformist attitude. They don't act by the book, they do whatever that is necessary.

In case you are wondering why Night Lords joins the rebellion while Space Wolves didn't, Conrad Curze is one of the primarch that have the gift of foresight. But his vision is always the darkest and the worst possible future that can be, and his visions never fails to come and pass. And he have seen what would be fallen to fate of Mankind, and he disagree with the method of the Emperor. While the Space Wolves. well they also anti-conformist, so they don't agree with the Night Lords.

The story is about Conrad Curze got his and his Legion's ass handed to the Dark Angels Legion under the command of their primarch, Lion el'Jonson. Sevatar, the first captain, was about to let go of his hope with his master, Curze. He salvaged and regroup the Night Lords fleet, and solves the Legion's internal dissension (and by solves, I mean he slaughter the dissenting company captains). The rest of the Legion's echelon feared that Lord Curze might be a little be too looney to command the Legion. His insanity reflected by his personal chambers where human skins were used as wall paper. Okay, maybe he is already bat-shit crazy.

But Sevatar knows, that in his master's bat-shit crazy insanity, the Night Lords legionnaires fear him. And with fear, Lord Curze holds the Legion together by the balls. For Conrad Curze is the fear incarnate.




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