Saturday, February 15, 2014

[Games] Clash of Clan

Clash of clans is probably one of the most popular mobile game nowaday. If I have to ranked the games, this is probably somewhere around the top 100 (there is a lot of mobile game out there). The game is developed by Supercell, and available on both iOS and Android. It was first released in iOS platform and become quite popular with the iPhone users. It was later then it was release in Android,

To be honest, I actually not a fan of this game. Not because it not fun to play, but like I said, there is a ton of other mobile game out there. It just that I didn't found this game earlier. I'm an Android user. Although my friends already recommend it to me, but I've already into Gameboid (Gameboy Advance for Android) and Blood Brothers. The Clash of Clans is categorized as a strategy game, but make no mistake. This is a 'grinding' game. Grinding game is a game where you would grind, as in build, train, and fight, till you drop.

Gem solves everything.
The game mechanic is no different that any other game that you can find in Facebook or mobile apps. Like Farmville where you got to build building, placing them around the map, and collecting resources. Unlike Farmville, you get to train an army and attack you enemies in single campaign or multiplayer. You also need to buff up you defenses with upgrades to ensure your survival if your settlement ever got attacked.

Now the game is free to download and free to play. But, it features the pay-to-advance system means that you'll survive and have a decent gaming experience if you spend some cash. Real cash. The game is also designed to 'tempt' you to use the Gem, a currency that is exchange with real money, everything you do something. Such as having an instant build, instant train, and even 'Shield' to protect you for other marauding high level player.

Not available in gold.
The game also limit the number of building. And you won't be able to have more builders (they the unit that build buildings) in your game unless you spend some gem. In fact, at the early of the game where you would be given 500 Gems to spend, you will be prompt to use them more than half of have been given. In my first time playing I manage to use only 250 Gems for the builder hut constructions (you have no choice anyway) while for the rest of the prompt, I just waited the construction time to pass by.

Don't worry, you'll some Gems as you advances. But I doubt you'll ever be able to rake up that 500 Gems ever again. The main resources would be Gold and Elixir, where you can collect from the Gold Mine and Elixir Collector. There is also limit to how much you can hoard the resources, because you would be building some Storages, yes the Gold and the Elixir is stored separately. You would build walls, cannons, archer tower (?), booby traps and many more to defend your settlement. Good thing is that if you got attacked, the building won't have to be rebuild. Only your resources would be looted.

Also you are not necessarily required to join the multi-player, if you want to avoid attracting higher level player. There is a single campaign where you would be raiding AI enemies such as the goblin settlement. One thing that you need to keep in mind is that, whatever unit you throw in the fight would be gone for good, regardless of the outcome. So try to deploy them wisely and not excessively. Though it would be really really cool to pour in your horde watch the wanton destruction.

The game is made so that your resources will be wasted no matter what. If your have like 2 (max is 5) builder, then that is amount building that you can construct at a time. And, the building takes time. So the remaining resources would be ripe for raiding, so you would almost definitely go for training armies (even if its full you'll be attacking those poor goblins settlement just to spend your resources).

Why the paranoia, you ask? Are you really going to raided? Really, how time would you be raided in a day. Hahaha, you'll see. Remember the 'shield' I mentioned before? At the start you would have about 2 days of 'shield'. Once it run out, you can either bought a new 'shield' (with gem of course) or you should have concentrated on defenses while you had the time.

A lot of people is looking for the game's hack. To, you know, get more gems. Truthfully, there is such hack. Actually, it a script to send fake info to alter you game data. But know this that, using such hack can be considered as, well what do you think? Hacking, of course. Because you are changing the data values in the game server without authorization. It also considered as cheating, and violates the term and policy that you have agreed to at the beginning of game, hence could lead to account termination and banned for life. Its really not worth it you know.

You should just exploit the game loophole.

First, your building would not be destroyed if you got attacked, only the resources is looted. So spend what you can whenever you can.

And second, look into the build menu, there would be heroes that can be summoned only once (they're immortal). They can attack AND defend your settlement. Aim for that, by AVOIDING from using the gems for simple constructions and army training. Use it to build toward getting the heroes. Both of them would required 50,000 Dark Elixir altogether to be summoned.

Well, that's how I do it, I don't even see the necessity hacking this game.


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