Wednesday, February 19, 2014

[Games] Inotia 4: Assassin of Berkel

Inotia 4: Assassin of Berkel is another series in The Chronicle of Inotia, by Com2uS. This time the event took place on somewhere else that have nothing to do with the first 3 prequels. The game contain much of the same features as the last prequels, and the 'random on everything' system other than the maps still on means that you'll get random drops and whatnot. But the game have improved a little bit where now you can buy the ingredients for fusion recipe from the lamp merchant (its a merchant spawned from a genie lamp). The game is available on both iOS and Android.

You take charge of a character named Kiyan, a virtuoso (he is actually an assassin, but you'll get to choose what class he would be) from Shadow Tribe and you would travel along with Eara the Channel of Light in their journey to em... yeah, save the world. The story line is just like any other world-saving game, and also this is a grinding game so you get to grind up your level like crazy. The graphic have changed though. Much more, neater than before, although it is still cartoonish.

There are 6 classes to choose, just like before. This time, the class name have been change to reflect the identity of you as a member of the Shadow Tribe. You get to be either a Dark Knight, Assassin, Warlock, Priest, Ranger (really? should've used the name Shadow Hunter), or Warrior.

And then you get to embark into a journey that would make you soul cry. No, I'm just kidding. Though this game now make heavy use on the Mercenary system. It seems that you would get any companion, at all. You get to hire mercenary (again, randomly generated). You will get to be join by other character, but they won't get into your party member list, so they stick on you only on that particular story line, until they finally finds something better to do. They always have unique item on them, but you can only drool for it, because you won't be able to remove or equip them anything. Oh.. so sad.

Are you.. joining my party?
To compensate for their cartoonish graphic, the game prepare a few sexually appealing character just to keep to stick to game for a few more hours. Its kind of fun to watch the conversation.

Kiyan took the personality of someone who really doesn't gives a crap. He just do what he is told and its not that he a brainwashed killing machine, but because of his indifference attitude. Thanks to his job as a member of Shadow Tribe, his only work is to assassinate people. Which save him the trouble of talking too much.

We all got our own job to do..
Mine is killing you.
At the first half of the game, that is pretty much what you would do. Keep on killing here, and there. Grinding, yeah that's right. The game is, in a way, just straight-forward. But there is several repeatable quest that worth doing, the fusion machine unique item quest. The quest would give you a (random) unique item recipe that you could forge (concoct?) once you got the ingredients (material?).

Each time you about to move to another place for a different story, the game will prompt you asking whether you are sure to leave the place. Because one you move to another story, the remaining optional quest would be unavailable or will be wiped clean from the slate, because you won't be able to finish it anyway. So you have to make sure you have completed all the quest that you have took along the way.

The gameplay is the same as previous prequels too. Same control button, menus and everything. The number of member that you could have active at time is also 3 person including you. Everything about your mercenaries are mostly automated although you could change their equipment and set for their skills usage. But they will level up and appropriate their own skills and stats point.

There are several unique mercenary dubbed as the 'named merc', means that they have their own name like 'Amelia' instead of 'warlock' for their name. Its not any different than normal mercenary though, other than the name owning.

All in all, the game was quite fun. But then ending could be frustrating. Let just say the ending is less satisfying.. wait did I mentioned it got 'Game +' features? Thats right, back to grinding again.   



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