Wednesday, February 19, 2014

[Games] Inotia 3: Children of Carnia

Inotia 3 is an adventure RPG mobile game, made by Com2uS. The game actually have the whole chronicle from the first until the fourth series. The first and second only available on iOS, which I didn't get to play. But because the story line is not exactly related between the series, so I don't feel the necessity to get the prequels just to know what this game is all about. Now that Inotia 3 is out, it is available on both iOS and Android platform.

Just like any mobile game, this game is a grinding game. You grind like you are meant to be. You will fight, you will loot, you will level up, and you will beat that ugly boss monster. Now with that being said, is this game.. boring? In a way, probably. But this game is actually could be surprisingly fun. How so you ask? The game is not simply takes you to one level to another. You would explore, you would do quest.. you know what, its just like Final Fantasy or Tales of Phantasia, that sort of game. And also, its free to play. A game that looks like the Final Fantasy, and its free. Who wouldn't want to give a shot to this game?

You get to choose 6 starting character with different in class. There are the Barbarian, Templar, Rogue, Shadow Hunter (its really just an archer), Priest, and Arch Mage. The names and gender have been predetermined and you will play as Lucio who apparently have been destined to save the world of Carnia.
The game is pretty much straight forward, you get to do some quest, some for one time while other is repeatable. The idea is to grind yourself so you would be a higher level than the monsters around you. You save pretty much anywhere you want, except in the boss map. So saving is none issue, just save before fighting the boss, or save before entering a new map. Seems easy enough, yes?

Not to mention you won't be alone. You'll get your companion throughout the game, although in your first gameplay they might not hang around for long. They might leave to.. urmm.. do something. Leaving you and you long-time childhood friend, Ameli. The maximum number of member that you can have to be active is 3, so to fill those empty slot, you would need mercenaries.

The game uses mercenary system, where the monster might drop something called the mercenary emblems, which then you would use to summon the mercenary. This system, just like the rest of item drop, status dice, and whatnot, is completely random. You might get a mercenary emblem for rogue, but the rogue you get will have randomly activated skills, which could be a game changer. You could even get a priest with no healing skill, which if you are familiar with adventure game, that kind of priest is a dead weight.

The only character that can have all skills activated in at the beginning of the game is Lucio. So you need to choose this dude carefully, either you want him the a tanker, healer, or even behind-scene-kind-of-guy (shadow hunter). The rest is just completely random, even Ameli would need the awakening emblem to awaken her skills as priest (good thing she wouldn't be a dead weight at the start of game, because she can heal).

Now, there isn't much to say about this game. The game is really pretty much straight forward, and even I was starting to worry when the game was almost over, but I didn't get to finish a few quest. More like I was unable to do so (because the village where I should finish it is burned down).

Turns out the game have more than it seem. After you beat your first gameplay, there would be another one. The same world, the same starting, except the new quest would be different. The story is also changing and the monster would be stronger. So the game didn't just end there. In fact, it actually just beginning. After you finish your first game play, there would be portal stone at each of the city/town that you have visited before. Allowing you to travel and explore thoroughly and finished all of you remaining quest from you last game play.

All in all, its good game. Fun, but can be frustrating due to its random 'on everything' system.



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