Monday, March 17, 2014

Star Trek Girl - The Booby dance

Have you guys ever watched the Star Trek Girl music video? It was sung by Teresa Violet a.k.a Meekakitty. I manage to get my hand on the video while it was still around, because you see, something happened between Teresa Violet and Ray William Johnson causing the video to be removed without any explanation.

Well, if you followed their vlogs and their progress as Youtube celebrities, you'll know exactly what happened back then. But it is not important, I'm not going to write about them, no. The music video, the song was quite catchy enough for me, but then again, so does every other auto-tuned techno music anyway. And in the midst of the music video where Tessa tried her best to dance to attract and fulfill every other nerdy Star Trek fan ever, someone at the back just, whoosh, stole her thunder. For the whole video, I can't help but watching her.. she is on the left side of picture behind Teresa. What is she doing at the back?

"We can live long, and prosper'tude'(?)"
-I kid you not, that was the lyric
This music video actually features Ray William Johnson a.k.a RWJ just before both of them broke up or something. I don't know whether they did dating each other before, but RWJ's housemate was Teresa's cousin, so, I'd say they did mingle together at some point.

When I heard this song, it was quite good. Note that RWJ was on some music project at time as well called the 'YourFavouriteMartian', which was an animated music video similar to the Gorillaz music band. The project were gaining momentum, and then the shitstorm hit RWJ causing him to opt for different kind of project. Something to do with contract breaching, intellectual right property, or stuff. The point is, right after all those shitstorms, this video was removed from Teresa's Youtube channel. What a waste. It was a good video.

Wait, did I mentioned there is a booby dance in this video? Did I explained it yet? You see, there is a cute girl in there that was dancing like it ain't no thang. I was more interested of who she is? Is she a professional dancer? Maybe, this is Teresa's cousin? I must know her name!!

This is her. So cute.
Not just cute. She is err.. anatomically bigger than Teresa in some part. She danced like that throughout the video, and even without the music, her dancing is enough to make me abuse the replay button in Youtube. Hmm.. if only Youtube allow the option of 'infinite loop'. They definitely need to add that button.

Don't worry you guys, I managed to crop the music video and  make it replay over and over again in an animated image. So you guys that enjoy this sweet sweet rare music video. There is no more of this music video, the owner have removed it herself, so you might enjoy this while it last. The animated picture might take some time load though.

Dance, Dance 'boob'ulution!!


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