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[TV Series] RM Episode 187

Another episode where they doesn't have time to come with complex game, so they end up making something simple but filled with hardship. Even at the start of the show, it was revealed that at the end of the day, all of the Running Man wold be rowing across the Han River.

But don't be disappointed. You see, this episode is right before Running Man get to go to the Australia episode which would be on 188 and 189. So its understandable that on this episode 187 would be this simple. The production crews were probably preparing for the special episode abroad. So, would this episode would be any less fun than the previous or the upcoming episode? Pfftt.. are you insane, the Running Man members rowing across the Han river, i wouldn't miss it for the world. It is going to be super hilarious. I just know that this show will not disappoint me!! Go Yoo Jae Suk hyung!!

This time they started indoor inside of coffee show. Everyone had a cup of coffee and Patbingsu (Korean shaved ice dessert with sweet toppings), with the exception of Jong-kook. I think he had iced fruit juice, he didn't even touch the patbingsu. Saying that he already had breakfast. Well.. his loss then, cause those patbingsu looks mighty delicious.

Anyway, Jae-suk hyung mentioned that he had heard the whisper that the game for that day would be going across the Han river. Ah, too bad the Running Man lost against the PD match during the New Year game. Otherwise their protest on the water sport would be accepted. Well, I guess its all for the variety sake. Right, lets look what they going to do for that day. They know that they would be crossing the Han river, they will need crews, a boat, and materials to make that boat. So lets get moving!

First they need to choose a picture.
Each picture will have their destination.
And they will not be teamed together.
So they need to find their own crew.
2 crew to be exact.
Jae-suk hyung got the Korea University.
Suk-jin hyung got the Kyung Hee University.
Jong-kook got the Chung-Ang University.
Haha got the Dongguk University.
Gary got the Sungshin Women's University (wow!).
Kwang-soo got the Sogang University.
Ji-hyo got the Konkuk University.
Gary was the luckiest Running Man!
He got the women's university.
And wow, aren't they all beautiful? Wah..
But Gary didn't choose the first girl he found.
There so much women there.. he almost lost focus.
But the first girl was wow.. so dreamy.
I didn't catch her name though, her voice is too soft..
For Jae-suk hyung, he was looking for someone like Kwang-soo.
And he did. This guy is just like Kwang-soo.
Loves to brag, and have misguided motives.
The most hilarious student chosen by the Running Man.
When looking for the second crew, he keeps looking for girl of his dream.
Suk-jin hyung was surprised that the student swarming over him.
Then they ask where is Jae-suk hyung. LoL
Suk-jin hyung is Jae-suk's  sunflower.
Usually wherever he goes, Jae-suk will be with him.
So everyone wants to follow him.
Jong-kook is giving out tour (?)
People follow him like he is really guiding them.
He felt like he was a tourist guide.
Good for him, he wouldn't go far just to find his crew.
As usual, he pick those who can match his stamina.
Kwang-soo is popular with the younger kids.
One thing I found irritating about Kwang-soo is his superiority complex.
He ended up choosing those who a younger than him.
So young, one of his crew actually just graduated school that day.
Haha found a lovely girl singing a sad song all by herself.
Her voice caught his heart, so he took her in as his crew.
Turns out she is good in making props for stage.
They got their crew, now its time to row-
Wait, they need to built the boat.
And to make the boat, they need materials.
There are several materials that have been provided.
Plastic bottles, plastic bags, balloon, balls, tin can, mattress, and basin.
And of course they have to fight for it,
in a three legged-race! Sort of..
Welcome to the University Festival!!
Suk-jin hyung got the plastic bottles.
Jae-suk hyung got the tin cans.
Haha got the basins.
Kwang-soo got the balloons.
Jong Kook got the balls,
And Gary got the plastic bags.
They took quite some to built their boat, because of the odd materials. Good thing there were lots of plastic wrappers and duct tapes to keep thing together, and make it water-proof as well. There were also wooden plank as a platform for them seem. Well, it depends if they wanted to use it, whatever that floats their boat.

When the race started, thankfully all of the boats could float. They made it pretty well. To make it interesting, the first and second prize would be will get a scholarship from the Running Man production. That ought to make them motivated to row all the way. Wait- there are still rowing. Can the crew row? All the Running Man member have experience rowing across the Han river before (they even experienced the sinking as well). So rowing could be a problem if they didn't know the correct way to do. The boat might afloat, but if it isn't moving forward, then whats the point?

Turns out they really don't care. The thing is, even from the beginning, the Running Man have been recruiting fun kids. Even Jae-suk were looking for someone who resembles Kwang-soo. And Haha chose a girl who sings well. Of course they did that? Its for the sake of variety. If you can sing and row across the river, the welcome to the variety world. Or something that.

Kwang soo jumps into the water!
The whole race started hilariously where the boats were floating but moving astray. Some doesn't moved at all. Boat from Haha team was not built with the rower in mind, they put the small basins on the side of their boat causing it hard to row perfectly. Suk-jin hyung team have the perfect materials, plastic bottles, for making a floating boat. But the whole team member lack of upper body strength causing them to move excruciatingly slow. The winner of the race is actually Ji-hyo and second place was Gary's team. I don't want to elaborate much but, after both of these team won, the race becomes much more intense.

So intense that the production crew announce that the 3rd winner would also get a scholarship. That was because Jae-suk hyung team and Kwang-soo team were racing to get to the end. Jae-suk team were behind Kwang-soo team, and slowly catching up until finally bypass Kwang-soo boat. Kwang-soo's boat were much more lighter (made from balloons) than Jae-suk's boat (made from tin can) causing his boat's speed to be hindered by the river's blowing wind. They were about to reach the finish line until Kwang-soo jumped from his boat to catch up with Jae-suk's team by swimming. Which of course, he failed. LoL.

Truthfully, the final race was bit.. boring. Probably because it was won too fast. But, well.. At least it was entertaining watching Jae-suk hyung and Kwang-soo. And also Young-taek. Man, that guy was hilarious. When the PD asked him if he would mind getting soaked in the river, he said nope but preferable while wearing a life jacket. Then Jae-suk hyung asked him what if his underwear get soaked as well, and he answered he sometimes doesn't wear them. So he doesn't mind that as well. Hahaha

It wasn't shown in the show, but in the end, Jae-suk hyung gave all of the participating students with them that day a gift from him. Ipad for each of them, as a sign of gratitude for spending the whole day with Running Man. Its hard to get the students to join you, playing the whole day, you know. So.. Congrats to all of them.



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