Wednesday, April 30, 2014

BabyMetal - The new Metal music

As you can guess it, this new metal band group comes from Japan. Of course it would be Japan. Where else would little kids be allowed to form music band like this? BabyMetal, is Japanese metal vocal and dance group. First of its kind, I think, their styles were defined as 'kawaii (cute) metal' where it combines a mix of J-pop idols and heavy metal. The group consist of Suzuka Nakamoto (Su-Metal), Moa Kikuchi (MoaMetal), and Yui Mizuno (YuiMetal). The group are managed by Amuse talent agency.

Make no mistake, this is an idol group. Not a music band. They don't play music instruments, doesn't write music and songs on their own. Of course they wouldn't, do you have any idea how old they are? Su-Metal is 16 years old, while the other 2 Metals are 14 years old respectively. Where Su-Metal provide the vocal and dance, the other 2 provide the screams and dance. Yes, they dance. Is headbanging considered a dance? Well, they do more than just headbanging, its an idol group, they got their own choreographed dance routines.

Call me misogynist if you like, but this kind of music will do to metal music just like what the modern rap music have done to the old one. Before this, hip hop and rap music are all about life struggles, now its all about the trifecta. Money, bitches, and fame. Its not that I hated BabyMetal, their music is quite decent, especially the 'Megitsune' song. I don't know what Megitsune stands for, but Kitsune means fox and Nogitsune refers to a demon fox. But the song is about female fox, specifically about women. Its kind of an irony that they sing that song.

So what is so bad about this music band? Well, first of all, they are not a music band. They are an idol group. Formerly a sub-unit to the female idol group, Sakura Gakuin. When Su-Metal graduated from junior high-school, she also needed to 'graduate' from the Sakura Gakuin that consists of junior high-school girls. But probably she was quite good (she is the vocal for the group) so there you go, she got into another group. Truthfully, I think she is the only saving grace for this idol group. Her vocal is quite powerful, while the other two are just like dancing muppets. Not that any other idol groups are different. But heavy metal is not just about loud musics with banging drum beats. It usually involved with violent, depressing, and really dark imagery.

And its not just the music and lyric too, its also about the musicians and singers. Listening to their song, Megitsune, what do they know about what they sing about? That's right, their song doesn't have any weight at all, and in time, this trend would lead metal music into some white noises that everyone wanted to hear but never understood. So much for the 'music is a universal language'.

But then again, would it really be that bad? Well, it depends. If people really love it, then it must be what is supposed to be. Maybe this world need less dark depressing metal musics, and more bright colored hello kitty themed metal music. But just to stay on the 'dark' part of the metal music, why not make use of the child exploitation like the children idol groups? That ought to make things a little depressing, yes?

Anyway, to those who knew about those stories about mismanagement by talent agencies, whether its true or not, let us all hope that these cute kids make it through. I really liked Suzuka Nakamoto's vocals, and it would be a shame if she would fade away like those urmm.. numerous amount of suicide cases among the J-pop and K-pop idols.  


  1. Moa and Yui are given credit for writing "Song of 4"


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