Tuesday, April 29, 2014

[Movie] Nymphomaniac

One of the most controversial movie in 2014, this Danish drama film was written and directed by Lars Von Trier. Supposedly it would be the the third and last series for Trier's 'Depression Trilogy'. In case you doesn't know, nymphomaniac stands for 'hypersexuality'. As in, extremely frequent or suddenly increased sexual urges. So.. first lets see the casts line up. The cast for this film are, Charlottle Gainsbourg, Stellan Skarsgard, Shia LaBeouf, Christian Slater, Jamie Bell, Willem Dafoe, Mia Goth, Michael Pas, Uma Thurman, and many more.

I'll be honest though, this film could be very disturbing to some people. The story was quite heavy, and the graphics or sexual depictions, were very.. how should I say it, disturbing? Yes, quite disturbing. As per suggested by the tittle, this film is about a nymphomaniac. The story revolves around a woman who self-proclaimed a nymphomaniac, retelling the journey of her erotic lifestyle. Truth to be told, I'm interested in the film not because of the obvious tittle nor because of the casts line-up, but more because of the reviews that it received. A lot of people said it was good, even Lars Von Trier calls it as his magnum opus.

Well, maybe because it was too 'heavy' for me, I think. But I think the whole story was a bit too depressing. The story started with a man found an injured woman sprawled on an alley. He took her in and nursed her back to health, thinking that something might had happened to her.

Turns out it was more than that. When she regained back her consciousness, she started to tell her story. She call herself as Joe (Charlottle Gainsbourg), and her rescuer was Seligman (Stellan Skarsgard). She told her life stories from beginning, starting from her childhood all the to the current time where Seligman found half-dead in the alley. It was a really long story. This movie is actually 4-5 hours long. But it was divided into 2 volumes with several chapters in it.

Joe have a really weird upbringing, I think. The way she described it, her mother was a control freak, while her father is little bit happy-go-lucky or something. But to me, I see that her real problem actually originated from her surrounding. Specifically, her friends. When she was growing up, she had this really shrewd friend whom she named only as B. They played this weird games that required them to be wet and stuff. In their teens, they went for a sex-train trip. The objective of the game was to get plough as much as possible, and the prize would be a bag of sweet chocolates.

During the time when she told her stories, the old man Seligman would interject and babble something about fly fishing, Zeno's Paradoxes, Fibonacci numbers, and many more random stuff. He did this in interval when Joe tried to explain what she felt in her experience of those erotic life.

There are a lot of sex scenes in this movie. Lot of naked people, pictures of genitalia from both gender, however the movie didn't show any penetration. To my relief. The story gets depressing in each moment. Joe apparently, meet someone whom she really love, but she just couldn't control her sexual urges. She got ploughed by almost every man she could get hands on. Jerome (Shia LeBouf), was the first man who deflower her, and really loves her. But..  

She went through hundreds of men when her fate intertwined with Jerome again. They got married, got a child of their own, but Joe got serious case of wanting sex all the time. Its not the Jerome couldn't provide, but Joe's crotch goes numbs for some reason.

At one point, she just wailed and cried because she could satisfy herself in the middle of the night, and Jerome plough her right then right there, but Joe couldn't feel anything. It almost looks like she got the ED (Erectile Dysfunction) but, wait isn't that just happen to man. Anyway, she then went for BDSM or something, got herself whipped and restrained, stuff like that. Just to fulfill her carnal's need.

At the end of her story, she started to have this bleeding around her crotch. Also she left Jerome and her child because, why not. She crazy anyway. She went to the doctor, got recommended, not demanded to attend for class therapy. Technically its a sex-addict support group. But she failed the class therapy, got canned from her job, and she again meet with Jerome.

Only this time, Jerome doesn't want her anymore. Joe tried to kill him, but he whacked the crap out of her, leaving her on the ally bleeding like a pig. That was when Seligman found her. And it brings us back to the present timeline. By the way, Seligman got aroused by those erotic stories of her, and wanted to have an intercourse, but Joe shot him with a gun that was intended for Jerome.

The End.

Haha, well... to me personally, this film.. its crap. Not very enjoyable, you can't watch it with anyone for that matter. And even if you watch all by yourself, you'll just be slow-torturing yourself. The main cast, Joe, she's urm.. kind of ugly. But that would be super subjective. I'm just saying that, for me, this movie wouldn't even pass as a porn. But that just me, really.


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