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[TV Series] RM Episode 195

It have been long since Jae-suk hyung was put on the spotlight. Although Jae-suk hyung always the main character in Running Man, but there is still one character that Running Man have yet to show about Jae-suk hyung. That is right, Jae-suk hyung is also unanimously known as the South Korean 'National MC'. So in this episode, instead of the famous Yoo-ruce Willis or Yoo-mes Bond, Running Man will show you why Jae-suk hyung hold the tittle of the National MC as well.

In a way, this episode combines both old and totally new format. Old format, because before this, Running Man used to introduce South Korean landmarks, cultures, and sometimes the South Korean idols. So in case you are not from South Korea, then Jae-suk hyung will bring you along with him to see his unique MC-ing style that captured the heart of the South Korean people. New format, because never before they've done the show like this. This time, the Running Man race would be the Idol Sports Championship. But Jae-suk hyung won't be joining them. That's right. Jae-suk hyung would be the MC. A real event MC.

When the PD told Jae-suk hyung that they are going to host a sports event, Idol Sports Championship, Jae-suk hyung question his getup. He wear a flashy multi-colored clothing. He also noticed that his pants were suit trousers, not suitable for the sports event. Then the PD revealed to him that he is not going to join any team, in fact he is not going to participate at all. Instead, he is going to be the event MC. He was given the cue cards, and of course a microphone.

But Jae-suk hyung didn't became the National MC just because of his good looks. Jae-suk hyung is also infamous for being a perfectionist. He expect nothing less than being entertaining to the viewers. He worried that without his participation it would have adverse effects to the show.

The PDs assures him, he have nothing to worry about, all he have to do is MC-ing just like he always do. Jae-suk hyung, like always, accepted it coolly, because other than being perfectionist, he also known for his professionalism. He take one look at the cue cards for the participants' info, and he was stressed out. It seems like there was a slight problem with the participants line-up.

"Ei, how is this an idol championship?"
Probably because of either Kwang-soo or Suk-jin hyung team line-up. They always ended up to be the 'out of place' kind of team. Which is exactly what it is. There were a lot of guests for this episode. There were 12 of them, and they would formed 3 teams. They were the 2PM, 2NE1, and Mystic89 group. Ji-hyo was in the 2PM team which consists of Chansung, Minjun, Junho, and Nichkhun. Jong-kook and Gary were in 2NE1 team which consists of CL, Gong Minzy, Park Bom, and Sandara Park. The last team, Suk-jin hyung, Haha, and Kwang-soo, were in the Mystic89 team which consists of Muzie, Jo Jung-chi, and Yoon Jong-shin hyung. Yeah, it was the last group that Jae-suk hyung was complaining about. Because the Mystic89 had 2 elderly man and, well they all not exactly idols either.

Anyway, they were all introduced. But Nichkhun caught Jae-suk hyung's attention. Nichkhun appeared quite a lot in Running Man, and he had appeared about 7 times (actually its 6 times). He was among the first guests in the earlier episode, where he made an appearance in the 4th and 5th episode of Running Man. But Jae-suk hyung felt like he met Nichkhun a lot, probably because he got to visit Nichkhun's house when they did the Thailand episode. He probably felt closer to Nichkhun, why of course he would feel that way. He met with Nichkhun whole family while they were in Thailand.

Anyway, after the introduction, they need to go to the place of the first event. They will all travel with their own team, while Jae-suk needs to travel alone. And also he need to arrive earlier than the participants, because the MC need to do the preparation. So said the PD. So Jae-suk hyung drove himself to the next venue before everyone else.

Jae-suk hyung is making his preparation.
By getting to know the related info regarding the event.
The first game is Relay Marathon Race.
Winner will also get the benefit of extra promotion for their group.
Jae-suk hyung was given a mini speaker and a bike.
He need to follow the racers, broadcast the relay, and slow the racers down.
If possible. Hehehe
First mission was to buy a cup of coffee.
As a dedicated MC, Jae-suk hyung parked his bicycle.
And follow the racers to continue broadcasting the race.
"Park Bom and Sandara can't drink coffee.."
CL said they'll become insomniac.
Jong kook: "You girls have schedules tomorrow?"
CL: "Nope."
Jong-kook: "Then just sleep tomorrow."
Jong-shin hyung: "Make them study all night long."
Park Bom was left behind.
Jae-suk hyung gave her encouragement.
But, she still can't drink the coffee.
Jae-suk hyung: Icon of a considerate person.
Of course he would let his VJ, Kwon Ryul, to help Park Bom. 
Park Bom even hand-feed him a cookie.
VJ Kwon Ryul's spirit increased!
Despite the scalding hot coffee..
Hahaha, even Jo Hyo-jin PD.
There is no other option. Park Bom and Sandara cannot drink coffee at all.
This is all for the spirit of sportsmanship.
The race must continue!
Mystic89. more like the Misfortune team.
Suk-jin hyung got the lead, and pat the dog on the head,
As a sign of gratefulness.
Turns out the dog hated it.
And the dog literally backtrack all the way back.
Anyway, Jong-kook turned the table. They got the lead.
In their excitement, Gary made a mistake..
He ran without taking the 'relay baton'.
Jong-kook was shouting at the top of his lung.
By the way, Gary was running with swim-fins.
It was tiring, and Gary wanted to end it in one go.
But.. the baton.. he had to restart back all over from the relay point.
Meanwhile Kwang-soo was piggybacking Jong-shin hyung.
Jae-suk hyung: "What is that? Is that a koala?"
It was a koala hanging on the giraffe.
This team had a serious 'misfortune' problem.
2NE1 was on lead, but because of Gary escapade earlier..
2PM manage to catch up and outrun them.
Mystic89.. well..
For the next event, Jung-chi couldn't make it because of conflicted schedule.
Eddy Kim replace him for the next event.
Mystic89 should really change their name to Misfortune.
Next event is called: MC Yoo Survival.
Its an event that revolves around Jae-suk hyung.
First game is to guess Jae-suk hyung favourite food.
Second game was to play the Mr.Tong (Tomy Pop-up Pirate) game.
The last game was the most interesting.
They need to guess, whether Jae-suk can do the challenge or not.
The challenge was doing 18 chin ups.
They ask some questions in order to gain some hints.
Jae-suk hyung even revealed his weight.
But Nichkhun wanted to feel Jae-suk hyung's muscle.
Jae-suk hyung allows it. Why not, if it helps.
But Wooyoung kind of.. checking up weirdly.
Jong-kook hyung tested the equipment himself.
18 chin ups is no joke.
Chansung did 13 while Eddy Kim went up to 14 chin ups only. 
Jae-suk hyung however, very confident with his fitness.
Kwang-soo trusted that his hyung can do anything.
Go Jae-suk hyung!!
In the end, Jae-suk hyung succeeded!
Finally. The last event of the Idol Sport Championship.
Jae-suk hyung would be the event MC and commentator.
He walked around and commented on anything that he saw.
Including revealing the participant location.
Gary: "Please treat my stomach some CGI."
Gary got his stomach exposed while fighting Muzie.
Hehehe, funnily Gary exposed his stomach again later.
But only in this one scene he got the CGI treatment.
Well, he did ask for this one only.
Everything happened so fast.
The 'Misfortune' loses their member so fast, it was a bit pathetic.
"Next runner up from Mystic89 is, Lee Kwang-soo"
Stop telling everyone...
2NE1 team consist mostly female members.
Jong-kook hyung was a bit upset after Gary got taken out.
If he failed, then 2NE1 will never stand a chance.
To make things worse.. 2PM team worked together with team Misfortune.
Ganging up on the 2NE1 team members.
Jong-kook hyung blood got boiling.
Jae-suk hyung noticed this, and warned the other participants.
When it comes to Jong-kook's turn, Jae-suk concentrate on Jong-kook whereabouts.
Haha and Nichkhun ganging up on Jong-kook.
They failed and fell like autumn leaves.
Jae-suk hyung tried to interview 'the Beast' (Jong-kook).
His question was: "Is there a chance for your team to win?"
The Beast (Jong-kook) grabbed the microphone.
Causing Jae-suk hyung to flinch.
Jae-suk hyung: "Yes.. yes, of course. Please let me go.."
Jong-kook become so scary, Jae-suk hyung and the productions staffs..
Even afraid to hand him a bottle of water.
At then, 2NE1 team won.
All thanks to Jong-kook overkill.
"I have a message for Hyun-suk hyung"
"Can you do it in a dance?"
Of course!
Well, for one, this episode was not boring. Refreshing and.. hyper-active? Nope, I think competition-oriented is more of a closer word. Something that most Running Man fans dreaded. Truthfully, I only find this episode entertaining because of Jae-suk hyung. If Jae-suk hyung was not there, yup, this episode would be pretty unbearable. I can't help but feel there were a lot of scenes that got edited out. I'm pretty sure in the preview before that there was a scene where Kwang-soo shuts Jae-suk hyung's mouth with his bare hands. But in this episode there was none.

Anyway, now you can see why they called Jae-suk hyung the 'National MC'. He was asked to emcee the whole thing right then right there, and he went along all the way till the end of the shooting even though he was walking around with that ridiculous cloth. Green, blue, and red. Professionalism, passion, and perfection.


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