Sunday, June 22, 2014

Brazil and FIFA World Cup 2014

You didn't see it wrong, the two girls in this picture were indeed butt-naked. They didn't wear anything other than a layer of body paint. What does it symbolize? World Cup fever, that's what. For those who have keeping a tab on the news, would know that it is amazing that FIFA World Cup 2014 is still going on in Brazil, despite the violent protest back in 2013.

If anything we know about Brazil, it would be the Ipanema beautiful beaches, Christ the Redeemer statue (famously depicted breaking up and falling down in almost every apocalyptic movies), and of course not to forget their soccer champion superstars like Pele, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Kaka, and many more. With so much of talented soccer player, isn't just appropriate that FIFA World Cup to take place in Brazil this year? Well, from an outsider point of view like me, I do feel that way. But apparently, the Brazilians doesn't actually warmly welcomed this prestigious event to take place in their country.

You see, hosting an event will cost money. Hosting a prestigious event such as the World Cup, will cost even more. And FIFA World Cup, just like Olympic, are almost always riddled with cases of corruption, embezzlement, lack of transparency and financial accountability, and many more.

Take example like the Winter Olympic 2014 in Sochi, Russia. They spend billions and yet 1 week before the game, the accommodation were a little bit far from being finished. In fact, Sochi games were considered the most expensive Olympic to date, with a price tag over $50 billion. And it was compared to Beijing's Summer Olympic 2008 which cost about $40 billion for 302 event, where Sochi's Winter Olympic 2014 had only 98 events with a price tag of $51 billion. A huge difference, yes?

But that's Olympic, what about FIFA World Cup? Well, pretty much the same really. The concerns are all the same. Cronyism, corruption, embezzlement, destruction of the local community livelihood, stuff like that. Back during the FIFA World Cup 2010 in South Africa, there were numerous scandals especially about the Mbombella Stadium and the fraudulent tender documents by Lefika Emerging Equity. Mbombela Municipality Speaker, Jimmy Mohlala, was even shot dead when he was allegedly blew the whistle on the corruption regarding Mbombela Stadium deal. His murder case have yet to be solved until today.

What about Brazil, the current host for FIFA World Cup 2014? Almost the same thing really. They had a violent protest erupted in 2013 throughout Brazil. Estimated number of protesters were over 2 million people,  rallying from over 100 cities. Cause of protest? Pretty much the same. Again, its cronyism, corruption, embezzlement, and the destruction of the local community livelihood. There a long list of what the Brazilian people were protesting about. From the increase of public transportation's fare, all the way to the poor state of infrastructure, education, health care, and many other public services.

Mind you, at that time Brazil had spend more than the total cost of FIFA World Cup 2010 in South Africa, despite only half the stadiums being finished. So yeah, you can see why people were really pissed at the time. But wait, it wasn't just at the time. They still pissed even right now. There is another violent protest happened just 2 days ago, in Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, and several other host cities. That is right, when the FIFA World Cup 2014 events was right underway.

At this point, you probably wondering why do I include butt-naked body painted model pictures. You see, it more than just corruptions and violent protest, Brazil's image is also getting affected. Have you ever wondered, why there's a lot of sexy pictures being affiliated with this year World Cup? The reason is because Brazil is also famous for its sex tourism, though much of it frustrated the Brazilian government. There are no law in Brazil that against adult prostitution, but there are laws that forbid operating a brothel or employing prostitutes in any other way.

So with so much publicity here right now in Brazil, a lot of porn stars are actually taking advantage of this. One of them, Marlen Doll, a Chilean porn star, had promised an orgy of sex marathon for each win in a match in the World Cup by her national soccer team. I don't know the numbers here, how many hours would she count for each goal, but last I heard it was up to 26 hours of sex marathon orgy, but at this point I just doesn't even know what is the significance.

Wait a minute... Didn't Chile beat Spain?

Then, I guess...
Should I too.. take for the team?


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