Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Pu-erh Tea. What's that?

It sounded like 'pure tea', but actually the term 'pu-erh' comes from Pu-Erh County in the province of Yunnan in China where the tea is produced from. The tea is usually called 'black tea' in the West, or 'red tea' in the East, due to its dark color.

Pu-erh tea is one of the world oldest and finest tea. It is known for its great taste and health benefits. The tea leaves can be used, processed, or aged (fermented) in many ways. Making this tea to be beyond the scope of just mere tea. Its aspects include culture, health care, appreciation, and many more. In other word, the Pu-erh tea is highly regarded especially by the tea lovers.

Just like most tea, Pu-erh tea is also contain catechins, a type of anti-oxidant  Consumed, the tea also have a small amount of caffeine and theanine. All this compounds can help lowering blood cholesterol levels, boost blood circulation, help proper food digestion, help remove toxins, help breaking down fats, help reducing the effect of aging, and many more. Drinking can also helps you to reduce weight if you are committed to perform dietary with exercise. This makes tea a good substitute for coffee, for both beverages share almost the same health benefits. Due to the coffee bitter taste and high concentration of caffeine, some people will find coffee a little 'strong' for their palate.

But Pu-erh tea is not just good to be made as a drink. Pu-erh tea leaf extract have a lot of benefits for the skin as well. Pu-erh tea leaf contained catechins that is rich with polyphenols that help the skins to fight the effect of aging. Combined with tea tree oil that contain anti-bacterial and anti-fungal compounds, tea leaf extract is commonly used in skin care and beauty product.

And that is not all. Common folklore remedy includes of using extracts from tea leaf for detoxification. In China, it was said that the ancient scholars gargle their mouth with tea after testing new herbs for poison to counteract the effect. The Chinese also traditionally used green tea to brush their teeth. Though, that wouldn't clean your teeth, but it was effective to removes bad breath.

With Pu-Erh tea, its doubly so.

Pu-erh tea cake

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