Saturday, February 7, 2015

[Movie] 'Iron Sky' was stupidly entertaining

Yeah, I know that this movie was old, from 2012. But I can't help feeling that this movie was underrated too much. Its actually a very, very decent movie. Entertaining, and just.. so stupid. Perfect for get-together movie or you know, when you just want to chill. Probably because this film have quite a nice CGI touch to it, a lot of people expect too much. I don't know, I'm just assuming.

So, lets get to it. Iron Sky is a Finnish-Australian-German comic science fiction action film. As you can probably guess, it was made with collaboration with many people and groups. It was directed by Timo Viorensola, written by Johanna Sinisalo and Michael Kalesniko, produced by Tero Kaokomaa from Blind Spot Pictures and Energia Productions, co-produced by New Holland Pictures and 27 Films, and co-financed by many other supporters.

'Yes she Can'

The plot of the story was a ridiculous one, as intended. It took place in alternate reality where the Nazi forces apparently managed to get to the moon, but remain ignorant of what transpired back on Earth, where Nazi Earth forces were soundly beaten. As far the people of Earth concern, Nazi was defeated by the Allied forces and the Third Reich along with World War 2 was ended. However, the Nazi on the moon remain pursuing their goal of world domination.

The Moon Nazi high command however seems to know what actually happened as they didn't continue the Third Reich, but instead built a new Fourth Reich. They even have a new Fuhrer, stylized as Mondfuhrer (Moon Leader) Wolfgang Kortzfleisch (Udo Kier). The new Fuhrer tried his best to assert his command as the lower ranking officers tend to salute to Hitler's name still. Maintaining their goal toward world domination, the newly built Reich was carefully brainwashed regarding the Aryan race superiority and their purpose of 'bringing peace to the world'.

Nazi's moon base.
This film was full of general stereotypes, parodies and cliches. So its understandable that some of the jokes came out a bit lame and dry. Like I said, its decent, but entertaining. The stars of the film was James Washington (Christopher Kirby) and Renate Richter (Julia Dietze). They both met, when James was part of a Moon expedition under the presidential campaign with the slogan of 'Black to the Moon' (play word for Back to the Moon). Upon arriving on the Moon, James team stumbled upon unknown forces that killed the 'other white guy' and took James into custody. Oh yeah, by the way, James was the black guy.

Renate found it interesting that James was able to land on the Moon, due to the Moon Nazi's general knowledge that 'Negros' are inferior specimen of humanity. The incident puts the whole Moon Nazi forces in high alert, fearing that the Allies might have found them and in the process of invading them. The Moon Nazi, just like their counterpart on Earth, was working on a Wunderwaffe (Wonder Weapon) or simply a superweapon, a huge space battleship called Gotterdammerung (Twilight of Gods).

The 'Götterdämmerung'.
On thing lead to another, Moon Nazi invaded Earth, starting with America, of course. The president of America at that time was a parody to Sarah Palin. A really, far-fetch parody, I don't know. I'm just assuming. As usual, America retaliate back with their own super secret weaponized spacecraft program. But it turn out that other countries had also done the same thing by revealing their super secret weaponized spacecraft program as well, except for peace-loving Finland.

The space battle was, how should I put it, decent. Not cartoonishly ridiculous, but great to watch. Again, the Allied forces managed to drive the Moon Nazi back to their Moon fortress, and blow the whole place to kingdom come. All was good until Götterdämmerung battleship make an appearance and blew part of the moon to show its prowess. It was incredibly huge, and nothing that the Allied had can scratch it. They almost abandon all hopes until...

'All ship is like a man's metaphorical penis that compensate the real one.' - True Story
Götterdämmerung was sabotaged from the inside by James and Renate. Hence rendering the Moon Nazi to completely collapse as a newly emerging world power. Well, that was quick. The battle was finally over, with James and Renate stuck on the moon. Together, both of them decided to start anew, as Renate finally accept that 'Negros' are equal as any other human. The End.

Or is it? The Allied forces found some big structures that appeared to be some sort of storage building, which a huge lettering that said 'Helium-3'. American Secretary of Defense, upon hearing this quickly told the president to declare that all those stuff now to belong to America, which causes other UN members to start arguing, throwing shoes and brawling among each others. The credit rolls as the scene shows that the fight escalate into global nuclear war.

What a ridiculous movie, but I must say, its was fun. This movie, in a way, is like Machete. Just down right ridiculous, but you just can't stop watching. The reason why I suddenly writing about this movie is that, the trailer for the next sequel which already know as Iron Sky: The Coming Race have came out. I hope it would be as entertaining as this one. Did I also mention that this movie also have a video game adaptation called Iron Sky: Invasion, a space flight simulator? Oh yeah, that video game was as ridiculous and fun as this movie.


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