Sunday, March 27, 2016

[Movie] Funny or 'Get Hard'

Released on March 2015, though wasn't really one of the most anticipated movie of the year at that time, but I am a fan of both Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart. So it was just me, I guess, anticipating the movie release.

Did not had high hopes, because even in the trailer it was shown that movie wouldn't be much of an epic movie with special effects and CGIs and robot versus alien battle.

But the movie was still satisfyingly great. That because its Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart. What else would you expect other than goofy slapstick comedic adventures?

Its like the fun fair electric bumper car ride. You ride it just for fun, and not expecting for explosions and death.

But, different people got different opinion. And this movie got quite a bad review.

Well, at least not from me. Though I do admit that movie was filled with racial and gay jokes. But I already, kind-of, knew about it beforehand. In fact, it was abundantly clear in the trailers, that it would be that kind of a movie. Not all movies gonna have the unexpected plot twist elements, some are just they way they are.

Like I said, its like riding the fun fair electric bumper car. You gonna ride the electric bumper car, you gonna bump onto someone else's electric bumper car, and someone else gonna bump onto your electric bumper car, and we all gonna laugh about it and have fun. It is what it is.

So what's the movie about? Its about a successful hedge fund manager, James King (Will Ferrell), who was accused of fraud and embezzlement. But he claimed that he didn't do it, and believed that the justice system will prevail. Well, for all the market analysis and stock forecasting that he had done, this time he predicted wrong.

He was found guilty, and sentenced to San Quentin State Prison for 10 years. But before he was sent there, the judge gave him 30 days to get his affairs in order. Which he didn't take it very well, because he was absolutely and positively sure, that he's innocent. Well, all criminals think that though.

Meanwhile, at the same time, Darnell (Kevin Hart) was struggling to send his daughter to a better school. He owns a car washing business inside the building where James works. He tried to approach James to help him invest in a business venture together, but James is a naive schmuck.

It was after James was sentenced to prison, that James asked help from Darnell to 'prepare' him for prison, assuming that Darnell have been to one. Because Darnell is black, and statistically speaking one of three black person will be incarcerated during their life time. And dealing with statistic analysis is what James do best.

Darnell was furious with such blatant racism, but it was James King, and Darnell needed some money. So he agree to 'train' James and prepare him for prison life for a sum of money. Except Darnell himself haven't been to a prison, so he had to come out with some stereotypical type of training that a person would expect to be happening in a prison.

That involves, thrash talking, prison fight, 'keistering' which is shoving contraband inside one's anus. and if worse comes to worst, Darnell told James that he also need to learn how to suck dicks.

Darnell tried his best, even tried to get James into the Crenshaw Kings gang, led by Darnell's cousin, Russell (T.I). But Russell told Darnell that James need to be in the gang of same skin color as him. Because that's how prison gangs work.

However, after a complete disaster with the Alliance of Whites gang, which is a white supremacist gang, Darnell is convinced that James might be really too naive for his own good. Which means he could be really innocent.

And so Darnell took a complete turn and tried to find the real culprit. Which was not surprising, as it turns out to be James's own boss, Martin (Craig T. Nelson), was the culprit. So they went for Martin, but failed, and James was completely flabbergasted how everyone had been fucking with him. Including Darnell. Who had actually never been into a prison, and almost got James to suck a dick in their training.

Almost giving up, James thought he'll join the Crenshaw Kings, though Russell warns him that there won't be coming back from that. But Darnell stopped James before he is 'committed' to the gang, and told James, he will help out James for real. No dick sucking this time, ever.

Did they succeeded? Well, lets just say that James prison training didn't go to waste.


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