Sunday, March 27, 2016

[Movie] Its good to 'Focus'

I have no idea why the movie was categorized as dark comedy thriller movie. To me, its actually a drama thriller. But that's just me, and I ended up watching it because it have Will Smith and Margot Robbie. It was released on February 2015, but I didn't watch it in cinema though.

I got the DVD version instead, because drama is best watched with popcorn, Coke, a bucket of fried chicken, a pillow, on a sofa, along with a blanket. Ah, sweet beautiful life. Ok, I lied. I actually watched in the cinema, and then bought the DVD when it came out.

Because drama movie, when it hooked, it hooked. I know that the movie got mixed reviews, but I won't say that this movie is, like, the greatest ever. Because that would be overstretching it. But its good, especially for date night. Definitely recommended if your going out for a date and the local cinema is showing the movie.

"Who's she? Are you 'hitting' that?"
The movie was pretty much self-explanatory if you watched the trailer. Its about a pretty small-time con-woman, Jess Barrett (Margot Robbie), met with a big-time con-man, Nicky Spurgeon (Will Smith), in a poorly planned scam. Impressed with Nicky superb con skill, Jess decided she wanted to be Nicky's apprentice.

Nicky told and teach Jess everything that she need to know, and 'hitting that' while he's at it. Well, what else would they be doing in their spare time not conning people for money? But Nicky only showed Jess about small-time con, conducted in large group to maximize the profit.

Let's hit it!!
And Jess wanted more. She wanted to be in the big-time con. So big, that everyone can retire for good right after the operation. But Nicky was worried. He got a little bit too much involved with Jess, emotional speaking, and his focus is wavering. It always have been Nicky's motto to never lose focus. Never break from the con. Continue all the way to end.

So he had no choice but to leave Jess with her cut on the small-time con that they did together. Well, at least they both had a fair share of happy intimate time together. So its a win-win situation, right?

Except a few years later, they meet again. Different con, but same target. And this time, emotions got in the way. And dramatic scenes ensues.

The movie was not too shabby, really. Of course it have happy ending. But that's why I got the DVD version of the movie. Its light, its dramatic, with a sprinkle of comedy and sexiness.

Its the kind that you want to watch as a filler during a movie marathon. And in this case, the movie is added to my Will Smith movie marathon collection.


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