Sunday, April 10, 2016

[Movie] 'Trainwreck' got rekt

In good way, I suppose. It got good ratings, when movie was released back in 2015. We wanted to write about this movie back then, but there was some sort of, feminism issues with it, that we don't want to get involved with. But now, its all in the past.

The movie was shown in cinemas all across the planet, got nominated and won many accolades, everyone congratulate and jerk each other off, its done. So how was the movie for us? Well, it sucks. It was really dreadful.

There is not other way to put it. I only watched it because Bill Hader was in the movie, and he was one of the main casts. I know that this is a romantic comedy film. But, the movie was really hard to enjoy. Simply because, you have to like it or you're sexist.

This is similar to another movie, American Sniper. And American Sniper is not even a romantic comedy film. But when you watched these two movies, you have to like it. Or you're sexist, or hates America. That's the only choices that you have.

Don't get me wrong. Both movies are good. But I won't say its great, to the point you couldn't even criticize about it. I mean, Star War movies were great, but people still criticize it all the time. So what is it that I want to criticize about Trainwreck?

Its all daddy's fault.
The plot. Its weak, poorly written, and completely bosh. Its also lack of substance. I can literally summarize the whole plot in just one sentence. Its about a woman with daddy issues, got promiscuous, and found the right man. And this movie was about 2 hours long.

There were no character development, so to speak. I don't even know what is what. The whole thing contradict with each other, I don't know what the scenes were trying to project. The main character, Amy Townsend (Amy Schumer), was portrayed as a party girl that drinks a lot, smokes weed a lot, and fucks a lot too apparently. So she's living the life, right?   

Oh, fuck... meeh.
Except she's not, somehow. Her boss is an asshole, her dad is an asshole, and her boyfriend is a pain-in-the-neck. So her life, apparently is miserable. And its hard to sympathize when she seems like she's living the life that she wanted, though I don't know whether I should either, and that's the thing. Should I sympathize? Is she happy or miserable?

Then she met with, Aaron Conners (Bill Hader), a sports doctor. She was interviewing him for the magazine where she works. They both had dinner together, bonded during the night out, had sex afterward, and Aaron fell in love. But don't worry, Amy's boyfriend already left her before the interview. So, conveniently, Aaron got a chance.

One thing leads to another, Gordon (Colin Quinn), Amy's dad, died. While her article for the magazine was rejected, and she had a fight with Aaron and left him, but ultimately she got fired from the magazine because she almost had sex with a teenager after a drinking party with her friends. Ok, now I'm almost positive, that she was miserable.

Tap that ass, or pay this tab. Your choice.
Meanwhile, Aaron got into an intervention by LeBron, Chris Evert, Matthew Broderick, and Marv Albert.T. They told Aaron to open up his heart, and make up back with Amy. Though, I don't really get why. Amy left him. Its not like he doesn't like Amy anymore. And why LeBron persistently wanted Aaron to be with Amy?

It just doesn't make sense. But to this movie, it make perfect sense. At the end, I don't know what the movie was all about. Its daddy's fault, I guess? Its more of a collection of comedy sketches put together, rather than an actual movie. Because I did enjoy the comedy, between the scenes.


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