Thursday, April 7, 2016

Tera Online : Toxicity and Elitism

 Lets face it. Tera Online NA is declining. Despite the publisher's attempt to turn around the situation since the big patch last year, there are not much they can do when their own gaming community is slowly killing the game. That's right, Tera Online NA level of toxicity reached critical level since the release of the Brawler class.

Where do I even start? Lets first start why I'm playing this game. I admit that I'm not quite a hardcore Tera gamer, but that's what I like about Tera, because the game also cater for casual player. The only time I go 'hardcore mode' are during holidays and game event days. So I enjoy this game from time to time, whenever I have a free time.

But the gaming community is very, very horrible. In fact, horrible would be an understatement. Lets not jumped the gun here, lets clear up on something first. Its true that there are no MMORPG that is free from toxic players. You can play Clash of Clans on your smartphone, and will still face toxic players in there.

Everyone were so angry, like they were all on steroid 24/7
So Tera Online is no different, should be no different. But its not. I have never seen a gaming community, so hell-bent on ruining a game, like in Tera Online. Case in point would be the last year incidents. Everybody wanted the new class to be released. They've seen the trailer, they knew its coming their way. Everyone was excited.

Then all hell breaks loose. At first the complains were legit, because the new class was released in the state of being 'overpowered', thus upsetting the delicate balance between classes. But its quite the norm that newly introduced class to be overpowered so that people can enjoy the new class a bit, for promotional purposes, before the nerf hammer pounded it back in line.

The complaints should receded, a bit, after some time. Especially after the balancing patches came through. But it didn't. It was made worse. By the gaming community themselves. In PVP servers, high-level players hunts down the new class low-level players in low level areas and videos were made out of it. In PVE servers, the new class were treated like shit and  new players had a hard time getting into parties or raids.

It was all fun and games, they said. Of course it was. But that is a standpoint from the game players. To the publisher, that's revenue down in the drain. The publisher tried to curb the 'issues', but the so called 'veteran' players lashed back invoking their freedom of speech, which doesn't actually apply in the case of private property, where the game is actually privately owned by the publisher.

Don't be mad. Here's a picture of cat Popori in a diaper.

But no, cry like a baby, they did. Threaten to leave the game, as well. At the end, it no longer matters. The damage was done, and there is nothing anyone can do about it. New players that supposed to surge in and increase the player base, went away. Who wants to play a game just so they can be treated like shit? Veteran elite or whatever, demand server merge because of the dwindling players. For the publisher, leaving new players mean no new subscriptions, which means no revenue.

Two new classes, one major expansion, multitude of upgrades and new features, were released since last year. But several employees from the publisher's community management team were gone either left or laid off. To my knowledge there were three people left, but one laid off.

What amaze me is that the players, the very same ones, that still stalks in the official forum today, have yet to wrap around their head that they are actually part of the problem. I was there when they made those videos undermining the publisher's effort to promote new contents, I was there when they flamed the publisher's official forum community manager, and I was there when they made the 'petition' in the official forum to have her fired.

Criticism is one thing, but when you went full retard and tried to have someone fired, then that is just a complete bullshit, not a criticism. Just because you played the game for years, that doesn't make you entitled to make 'very important suggestions'. Patches and fixes doesn't come from the publishers' anuses. It involves funding, manpower, and time. And those things also doesn't come from anuses.

Before this, I used to play the Corsair's Stronghold battleground in the game whenever I had free time. Its a 20 vs 20 equalized strategic PVP battleground. But now, its really hard to play in battleground because, again, the players, are hell-bent on abusing glitches. At this points, I don't even know why they even playing in the first place if they wanted to cheat. Why do they complain about class balance in the official forum, if at the end, they'll only be cheating in the PVP battleground anyway?

What about PVE then? Well, good luck doing those endgame dungeons. Because a new DPS meter is up, courtesy of the players. And this time, it will not only record the results, but also display them, publicly. In a real-time leaderboard website. People can now check your 'performance' to see if you are 'good' enough to be part of the gang.

Elitism in Tera just reached a whole new height.

Oh well, I'll still go for the seasonal events. It doesn't seem like there gonna be a Spring event this year, but Summer event is a must. Life's a beach.


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