Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Today where I am the...

I went out for dinner a few days ago with a few friends. That night, I might have said something nasty but it was out of the case defending myself. Well.. very much of it.

She said, that smokers are closer to the fire of hell, because the ember from the cigs are close to the smoker's lips.
(Fire of hell and ember are related because according to Muslim religious belief, the first fire on earth originated from the lowest level of hell, was dipped seven times in seven seas and when placed on the earth, the fire turned the soil into volcanic lava.)

I replied to her, how close is it, compared to a girl who exposed her hair to strangers such as men not related by blood. 
I think you guys know what I meant back then.

She was stunned, probably from the shock of wave made by my ever sharp-edged words, strike right into her guilty conscience. She did at some point during her lifetime.. removed her headscarf and exposed her hair. Intentionally.

So.. She said some stuff to me, losing her coolness, or something.. and stormed off.

Today, we went out for dinner, the same as before. I apologized to her, but.. Hey, I did it again!
The same way, she said some really nasty stuff (really!) and stormed off again. But this time I texted her and said that I'm sorry being such an A. 

We had quite a talk, and I told her that my only intent was to joke around. And she forgives me..

There you go folks, tonight's story of my life
You can dish it out, but can you take it back?

True Story,


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