Tuesday, April 13, 2010

1, 2 and .....

1, 2, and... usually it ends with three.

The thing is that, I have this habit of asking the question to many times over. Sometimes that person I asked will hit me back and said how many times do they have to answer.
Well, I like ask the same question at least twice. For confirmation.

It is the right of the person I asked to feel mad when I asked the question too many times.  But is it wrong to ask again for confirmation? I usually asked the same question at least twice.
But its rather annoying to some people, I admit it.

Fair enough. But I am what I am. I have my reasons. For me, its kinda amusing to find that when you asked the same question, you'll get a different answer every time. To me, I'll always ask up to the third time. I'll never asked for the fourth, because on the third, you'll know that you'll not going to get the answer anyway.

Even amusing is when you already asked twice and get different answers each time, on the third one he'll refuse to answer back and probably attempt to reconstruct his story. At certain point, he might even get defensive and show some hostility.

So what is that tells you? Now, now.. Don't just jump into conclusions. There are always reasons for everything. What I would do, is let the things around to take its course. Maybe you won't get the answer today, but it doesn't mean the truth just swept away like that.

It will get revealed someday, anyday. So patient is a virtue. Remember that.

True story,


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