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Short Story - Dawn of War

    Somewhere near in the future, the mankind have evolved into the next level. From the being the cavemen who hunt and gather the fruits and whatnot of the Earth, into the space-faring, source-stripping, war-waging humans who now expanding the imperium of Mankind to the edges of the galaxy. The Man always triumph in wherever path they tread. But before triumph comes, there are always survival in the way.   

The Epilogue

In the new century of 52k millennium, almost every side on the Milky Way galaxy have been colonized by the imperium of Mankind. 

All of this start when an outstanding human among the Earth populations rise up and unified the planet Earth. Using sheer force, the Man created the Legionnaire, supersoldier augmented with implants, genetic manipulation, conditioning and whatnot, the Man conquered or annexed every single nations on Earth. The time was then the time of ravaging wars to procure whatever resources left on Earth, especially oil. The Man's Legionnaire, fully equipped with high-tech weaponry and their unnatural strength, sweep across the globe and pacify all the ever-warring nations.

As unified Earth, the Man launches into space, seeking new dominion and new resources to cater the needs of his people.
Now, the Man sleeps in slumbers for eternity and venerated as the Emperor of Mankind by all his subjects.

The Dawn

I am one of the full-fledged battle brothers of the XXIVth Legion of Usarvich. Recruited from the planet Usarvich Prime, I was literally kidnapped from my homeworld and turned into one of the Emperor's finest. Not that I have anything against being the finest, but the fact I was taken by force and trained to death to become one, is kind of a troubling thought. Not to mention my body was 'abused' with implants, gene-reconstructing shots and more. I'm no longer the man I used to be. With my reinforced bones and muscles, now I'm standing almost twice the height of average human.

My auto-sensor beeping again. There are movements along the horizons. I looked across the Imperial garrison and saw the Imperial regular army, the Imperial Planetary Guard, hastening into their positions and preparing for what to come. But nothing come out from the horizon.. Yet.

"You seem stressed.."

"Oh Noel, you look good in you Commissariat cloth. I thought you going to sleep like a log in your bunker all day.

"You.. A-holes.. You know, you are the most sarcastic Legionnaire I've ever met. I mean, I've never met a Legionnaire like you."

"How so?"

"The Legionnaire usually trained to be the Emperor's finest, they're always devoted to the Emperor's cause..."

"I am."

".. and less talkative and more fighting."

I looked again through the horizon. Where the barren land with two impassable mountains on each sides, the barren land would be the only path the enemy can traverse in order to reach the capital city.

Noel is right, I'm a bit different from the rest of the Legion. It could be something that they do when they conditioning my mental, or it is the genetic stimuli sticked to my bone-marrow. I don't know. But I do act differently from other stiff-faced Legionnaire that cares nothing but to fight in the name of the Emperor. 

Maybe that is the reason me and my Legion are deployed here. The frontier world of Artemine IV. The enemy we face here are the relentless forces of the Orks. These green barbarians have been ravaging almost all Imperial world in the outer rim of the galaxy. Resilient as their relentless effort, it is almost impossible to clean them off a planet.

But that is why the reason I'm here with my battle brothers. To wipe them off from this agri-world, the breadbasket of the Artemy system. With only 1000 men strong, we are here to support the IPG to cleanse this planet of xenos. Something that I've been doing for over 300 years... Yeah, modified-supersoldier doesn't age that much. Sometimes I wonder about pension, if there any.

"Blackraven reconnaissance planes have detected movement near the mountains hot gates. The greenskins spares no prisoners, so refugees are unlikely."

"If there any, they will be transported by Pitbull choppers. All major cities in Artemine IV have fallen except the capital."
"Then there should be no worries."

"Why don't we just bombard the mountain passage with orbitals?"

"Because Bobo, we want to engage the bulk of the Orks foces, we don't want them to scatter and formed another wave next time."

"Me and my Regiment of Deathcorps III will be prepared for this onslaught, you can count on it."

"Is that why they all shitting in their pants right now?"

I turned my my head to the Deathcorps III Regiments, preparing in the trenches and attending their tank and whatnot. Some of them seemed pale.
"Wait till they start shooting."

"I will."

Bobo, the General-Militant of Artemine IV IPG, shouted to his men to prepare for the inevitable assaults. Tanks all lined out and the artillery are brought forward. If things goes bad, the IPG will unleashed their 3 precious Titans of Avenger class to spill the greenskins blood.
"Your men should engage the Orks bulks of army. Me and my men will go for the Orkboss. Pave the way for us."

"The Wulfen tanks will accompany your Legion, don't worry."

"Heh, talks about cavalry.. The tanks need to distract the Orkboss's guards and armors."

Bobo turned to me and anxiously asked.

"What if the Orks goes to outer space? What of the other worlds?"

"The Orks travel through space with space hulk. They came here with the Rokk, or an asteroid-modified starship. Our battlecruisers and light cruisers have secured the high orbit, there is no way the Orks can get to the other worlds without us knowing."

"Good thing your Legion are deployed here. We will stop their horde before they get a full-fledged war going."

"They already did, only its not big enough. Yet."

The War

Suddenly, the horizan sparked with bright lights, sound of explosions comes after. A few aircrafts flew above us, returning back to the airfield. My auto-sensors are beeping like crazy. My battle brothers looked at me like they are saying that they are prepared to go the the teleportation pad for deep striking. I would have divide my men into 3 part, one to defend along with the Imperial Regiments, one for city defense and the other one would go for the deep striking. Striking the head of the snake. I gave a few commands through in-voice vox, with just a nod all of them quickly went to their positions.

Bobo looked into his binocular.

"Seems the Spitfires have found their target. Prepare the men!"

A radio-operator soldier came close to Bobo.

"General, the airforce request another bombing runs!"

"Let'em! Until they get into the range of our Lancer artillery batteries, bombed them to kingdom come. And for God's sake blow those mountain passages as well. We don't want them running back with tails between their leg now."

"It started.. "

From the plains, riddled with hills and dunes, I could hear the Orks warcry. But there is something else. The sounds of their wartruck maybe? Is it the Orks crude Rumble Tanks?

Gargantuan!! This.. doesn't look good. Not at all.

To be continued..

Footnote: This not a cannon from 40k Warhammer, it just a fiction and all the pictures used are just too add some feels in the story. The names are true though.


  1. I must sincerely express, I'm not into any competition. Just for fun. So enjoy


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