Sunday, July 17, 2011

My Youtube celebrities, Internet meme, whatever..

Last night I was surfing the Youtube videos and it reminds me of the old times.. It have been for how long since Youtube have become as today, I dunno. But one thing for sure is that Youtube have become one of many prominent tools to jump-start an individual or a group popularity. Celebrities and artist also use Youtube as a platform to spread and expose their creative artwork and musics. This is also being use by ordinary people that wish to share their creative side.

I remember the very first Youtube celebrities that I came across in the net. Nigahiga, or his real name is Ryan Higa, first emerged when he started to post videos of him lips-syncing songs. One of his famous videos that I liked was a video that he made specially for haters out there. It was kinda funny as he saying a good soothing words to the haters, making gestures of peace and love, while the subtitles below written, 'Go fuck yourselves, hater!'. Simply, EPIC!

Niga = Ninja

Next, I found out about Numa Numa or the NewNuma. His real name is Gary Brolsma, and he famous for lip-syncing a song called Dragostea Din Tei by a boy band named the O-Zone. The word Numa comes from the song's lyric which means 'not me'. He famous not only for lip-syncing but also literally created the Numa Numa dance. NICE!

Numa Numa Iei~

Then, there is TayZonday, or his real name is Adam Nyerere Bahner. He famous for his song video called the 'Chocolate Rain' and he have an amazing voice. What I mean by amazing is that he have a deep, recognizable voice. Hearing him singing is like hearing Van Diesel singing, except with tunes. His most famous act in the video, is the part 'he moves his mouth away from the mike to breathe'. The act alone triggers multiple responds and parody videos made by others whether to mock him or just trolling around. The rest of the video? COOL SONGS.

The Chocolate Man

Now.. who else is famous in Youtube.. From the first 3 person that I just mentioned, they are all guys. Then what about the ladies. I don't want to sound sexist, but most of the ladies that created a video channel in the Youtube got famous because of either their 'bewbage', or their cute face while confessing that they like all the geek stuff. Prime example? Have you seen iJustine channels?

iJustine, or her real name is Justine Ezarik, famous for her '300 pages iPhone bill'. And... the rest is 'bewbage'. I've browsed all of her other channel and... the rest is 'bewbage'. There is one of her channel called ijustinegaming, and there are alot of viewers there but I was disappointed. The content? No 'bewbage' but there are sexy voices. Once I watched one of her game review video and in the end I have no idea whether she was reviewing the game or complaining about her broken nails.. F4iL3D!   

Machinima better than irategame better than ijustinegaming

Ok, another prime example? How about this one, have you ever watched a channel made by MissHannahMinx? If you say no that can only means 2 things, whether you're gay or you're just a jealous flat-breasted hag. I'm just saying.. MissHannahMinx or her real name is Hannah Minx, is famous for making videos explaining about Japanese words and culture and.. her awesome 'bewbage'. I really love bew.. learning Japanese, but somehow I find it hard to learn while all my blood goes to my boner. Did I just use the the word hard and boner in the same sentence? THAT is how awesome her 'bewbage' is. Oh, her video content? I dunno.. I can't keep my eyes off that.. Is 'bewbage' considered minxy? 3P1C F4iL3D!

bewb and bies

Well, ok maybe not all the ladies channel are all about 'bewbage'. There are.. some exception for example like, have you met Meekakitty? Her real name is Tessa Violet, and I have no idea why she is famous. People said it was because of her humorous fast cut videos, but I think it was because of her being cute and ginger. Her racks doesn't stack but the adorable facials that she made in her video gives out some credit. I stumbled into her channel only by chance, recommended by another comedian, RWJ. Simply, N() B3WB4G3!

Ginger have no soul!

Currently I'm following other famous channels made by RayWilliamJohnson, Machinima, RecklessTortuga, thelonelyisland and CollegeHumour. Because at least in these channels they are still making quality videos. And of course, I'm still following Miss Minx.. Just saying..



  1. There is nothing 'F4iL3D' about 'bewbage', there're glorious! U just saying that coz u couldn't some. Haha!

  2. I just saying that coz I got miss minx cosplay movie and its awesooommee~ It F4iL3D in youtube coz it keeps get deleted. For obvious reason. Haha


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