Friday, February 14, 2014

[Movie] Jackal is Coming

Jackal is Coming (or Codename: Jackal) is a 2012 South Korean action comedy film. Its an action comedy film, so they said. I watched this movie simply because some people it was good. And it was starred by Song Ji-hyo, where a lot of people praising her acting in this movie.

As I am a movie enthusiast myself, I decided to get a copy to watch it. Now, here I am, writing about this movie so that I could get over with it. Truth to be told, this movie have as much action as its comedy. Both are found lacking. It appear that this movie relies on the appearance of Song Ji-hyo. And it was advertise in a way that shows that the (Ace??) Ji-hyo would be acting as an assassin code-named Jackal. Something that a lot of people would be waiting for.

Well, honestly, not me though. I understand everyone are entitled to their own opinion and preferences. But to me, this movie is a bit of disappointment... Ok a lot of disappointment. The title was already sound like its gonna be one badass movie. Then the movie proceeded to be as sucky as it can be. It almost looks like that this movie trying its best to bore me to point of torture. Like someone had just make a dare that a movie is to be made so boring, by the end of the movie, everyone went out of the cinema and not knowing what the hell just happened in there.

Hahaha, funny! This is comedy! Laugh!
I would write much about this movie. Well, there isn't much to tell anyway. The movie plot was so simple you pretty much can tell then end before the movie even began. Like, there is an assassin called Jackal, iced some people, then disappear without a trace.

Normally, in a movie with this kind of plot, the audience would be interested in the methods, trickery, skills, or even hardware employed by the assassin. Turns out this movie disregard entirely of such key element in a movie with assassin theme. At first I thought, right, this is action comedy film. So maybe it less of actions, but more hilarious scene, yes?

It started with a hit man Bong Min-jung (Song Ji-hyo) hired to kill a Hallyu (Korean Wave) star named Choi Hyun (Kim Jaejoong). One thing lead to another, the 'Jackal' come after them both. Min-jung killed Angela, Choi Hyun's sugar mummy. The Jackal turns out to be a fake, Min-jung is actually the real Jackal, and the truth is Min-jung target is Angela and not Choi Hyun. Bla bla.. everything ends with a smile.

There are some hilarious scene, yes, but urmm.. Ji hyo is not very good with funny scenes. Ok, I'm going to be truthful, her acting sucks. That's it. Even though the movie plot is trying to unfold itself so hard. Ji-hyo awkward acting gives away everything.

Well.. that is all. I have nothing more to write. That is pretty much all about this movie.


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