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[Movie] Wonderful Radio

Wonderful Radio (or Love On-Air) is a 2012 South Korean romantic comedy film. The reason why I'm interested with this movie is because Kwang Soo is in it. Of course there are other stars such as Lee Min Jung and Lee Jung Jin. But still, I watched it because of Kwang Soo. The film grossed a total of $5,857,353 equivalent to about 6 billion won. Quite a lot isn't?

Well, I'm not really sure why it was popular though. The movie was ranked second just in the first week of its release. But then again, different people have different taste. Although this movie was release in 2012, I decided to write on this movie because urmm.. I really wanted to write about it and be done with it. Because when I first got the movie, I was excited to write about Kwang Soo acting. Then, after watching it, I totally forgot.

Like, I don't even remember what happened after watching it. Haha, I'm just kidding. The movie is not bad. If anything, its kind of a backstage exposure kind of plot where story revolves around a washed-up artist who end up working as DJ in a radio station. So, in a way this movie reveal the working behind a radio program. That sort of thing. To me, it kind of reveal a little bit of what South Korean entertainment industry is all about. If you a fan of Korean movie, tv shows, or even a fan of their artist, you would know that their entertainment industry have a lot of controversies. For example like, suicide.

Anyway, lets us see what this movie is all about. Although I'm pretty sure by now everyone have watched the movie, so I wouldn't worry about spoiling anything.

The story is about a once popular lead singer girl group that end up working as a DJ in a radio show called "Wonderful Radio" on SBS station Power FM. Shin Jin-ah (Lee Min-jung), the DJ, is also actively trying to restart her career as a single singer/composer without success. Ironically, she also sucks as a DJ as well, which is pretty much mind-boggling how did she even landed on the job.

The show was getting really low rating after the show producer leaves to have a baby, and when I said low, so low that the station manager started to bring in a new show producer to help bring in new ideas for the show. The new show producer, Lee Jae-hyeok (Lee Jung-jin), is a hard-ass and very ambitious. When he got into the show, he was surprised to see how the DJ treated the show. Almost like she didn't even realised that the show would be dropped out if the show's atrocious rating doesn't improve.

What the hell with those clothing?
She have also have a manager named Cha Dae-geun (Lee Kwang-soo) to help with her singing career. Cha Dae-geun drives Jin-ah to her workplace everyday, pretty much just like any artist manager would do. Except, urmm.. Jin-ah is not an artist anymore though.

Jin-ah also have a bad personality. I don't even understand half of what's going on when Jin-ah would beat up her Dae-geun. She easy to anger and also.. arghh.. in the movie she would be described to be as 'princess' or 'diva-ish' but she really just like a bitch on wheel. She asked her mother what went wrong, well, when her mother asked her to care more for Dae-geun and she just snorted.

Good thing Lee Jung-jin is there to save the movie
Jin-ah character is unbearable, but luckily Jae-hyeok balance her bitching attitude with a couple of dose of strict professionalism. Jae-hyeok personally oversee all of Jin-ah work, trying to break her little annoying isolated world. And by that I mean, Jin-ah is also an ignorant. She didn't know the show have never surpassed the rating of 2% for the last 6 month, and she also have no idea whether her listener actually liked her segments. In of the session, she actually forget the name of the song's singer, infuriating Jae-hyeok. When you a DJ and a former singer, you really have to get out of your way to not remember a song, singer or anything that related to your field of expertise.It almost like she just DJ-ing her way in with her cute face and voice. Jae-hyeok then let her to come up with her own idea for segments, encouraging her to connect and be more interactive with her audiences.

Well, its a romantic movie anyway. So this kind of plot is kind of cliche'. You can see where the plot leads, in the middle something come up, everyone sad, work to overcome the hardship, and finally happily ever after. That sort of thing. But the movie is as boring as it sound. Lee Kwang-soo in there too as Cha Dae-geun. So..
He was dancing behind all the producers. LOL
After I watched the movie all the way to then end, I can't help to feel that this movie have a very strong message. Jin-ah character, for some reason reminds me of someone. She curses, she loves drinking, she is clueless with her own job, and also everyone seem to take care for her. Does that sounds familiar?
Well, it doesn't matter. I'm done with this movie.

Cameo appearance by Kim Jong-kook and Kang Gary


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