Tuesday, March 25, 2014

[TV Series] RM Episode 189

Running Man episode 189 is the continuation from the previous episode in Australia. In this episode, well, they had fun diving in the sea, playing kanggaroo and had wild night. Thanks to Haha pool party, they are all soaked wet at that night, and pretty beat up tired.

They probably going to be sound asleep, or would they? Before the nightfall, when they all arrived and gathered together at the villa, the production team gave each team 2 small camera for their own use. Just in case you know, they wanted to film themselves because their VJ won't be able to film 24/7. They are also human, they need rest as well. So this week episode starts with a sneak peek behind the scene, by Lee Kwang-soo and Haha. Their first target, is the one and only Running Man member that loves sleeping naked, Gary.

Turns out Gary haven't slept yet. But he is naked nonetheless. He surprised them both, causing them to scream in fear (especially Haha who are weak at surprises). All of them were quite noisy, causing Jong-kook to come by and punish them with a night-night leg split to 'help' them to go to sleep. Kwang-soo, Haha, Ji-hoon, and Woo-bin got the leg split while Gary was exempted because urmm.. he is really naked down there.

Wait, what about Jae-suk and Suk-jin hyung. Well, there 2 older men were doing things like all other older men would do. Bicker with each other, and dance like there is no tomorrow. They jumped and dance on their bed, followed by Kwang-soo and Ji-hoon, while Haha do the video shoot and lighting.

They do this the whole night until they were all sweating. Ah, they need to take another shower. But that is ok. They already went deep into the sea, got thrown into the pool, so what's wrong with another shower, yes?

You would probably wondering why this scene is shown early in the show. Well, I don't want to spoil it, but I think even in the previous episodes there were trailers that showed Ji-hyo is coming over. So, you kind of able to see where this is going. Might as well had a crazy night before the next dull day. Don't worry, it won't be too dull. Running Man will never disappoint you.

Pretty agitated early in the morning.
This can only mean one thing, lack of sleeps.
It was a crazy night before.
Early in the morning, whichever them manage to rise up the earliest will gain an advantage. They can choose the mission first. There are 4 kind of mission, 2 on the ground, 1 in the air and 1 on the sea. Jong-kook and Ji-hoon got up first, and they choose the ground. So does Kwang-soo and Woo-bin. Gary and Haha was curious of the water mission, so they took that, probably doesn't want to get into the same mission as Jong-kook because there is no way they can outdo the Jong-kook and Ji-hoon combo. That left Jae-suk and Suk-jin hyung with only one option (they woke up late), the air mission.

The air mission.
The pilot will do some crazy mid-air stunts, and the mission?
String 15 beads together in that crazy fun plane.
The ground mission.
Keep the water in the glass at the requirement level.
While the driver do some crazy driving.
The water mission.
They suppose to do the para-sailing.
But the weather got worse, and the captain calls it a day.
But at least they got lucky, they saw a couple of dolphins near their boat.
This is the part where it got weird.
After Ji-hyo arrived in Melbourne, she got some missions to perform as well. Collecting the ground element cards. In case you didn't realize from the previous episode, none of the Running Men got the ground element. All of Running Men draw either the water, fire, or wind element card. So yes, this is part where it got scripted heavily. The final game was designed to give absolute advantage to Ji-hyo, because she hold all the ground/ earth element card, meaning that no team can win without her. Also, she won't be wearing a name-tag, so they can't take her out either. Just to be on the safe side, she is dubbed as the 'Goddess of Victory' in case you guys didn't get through the subtlety.

They could take the earth element card while she was still doing her mission, but, none of the Running Men knew she was even there. You can see from the broadcast, Ji-hyo is literally hiding when no one is even looking for her. So, it is humanly impossible for her to fail or even lose.

I may have skipped ahead a few scenes, but in the end, Jong-kook and Ji-hoon team won the final game. Well, along with the goddess of victory of course. Though Ji-hoon had to drag her up to the stage. Hmmm..


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