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[TV Series] RM Episode 192

This is another cross-country race, so you'll know that its going to 2 or more part of the show. For now, the episode 192 would be the beginning for the cross-country race, where all of the Running Man would be required to race to the gathering point. This time it would be a camping site. Yup, they are going to camp outdoor for the filming days. They weren't told where their final destination would be, only that they need to prepare and do some mission to gain the insight of where they would be going. From the sneak-peek of the preview, seems like its going to be a whole lot of outdoor activities, while getting themselves covered with mud. Anyway, they would be given a partner to travel together, and some travel money, but the rule is that they can only move from one place to another using public transport.

The guests this time was quite a lot, because each of the Running Man is paired with a guest partner. There are Kim Dong-jun, Kim Jung-nan, Kim Min-jong, Lee Sang-hwa, Lim Ju-hwan, Oh Man-seok, Song Ji-hyo and finally, a secret guest. Well its not exactly secret, but he was running late because of a conflicted schedule.

Kwang-soo was partnered with Lim Ju-hwan, Suk-jin hyung was partnered with Kim Jung-nan noona, Haha was partnered with Oh Man-seok, Jong-kook was partnered with Kim Min-jong, Ji-hyo was partnered with Kim Dong-jun, and finally, Gary was partnered with Lee Sang-hwa, an Olympic gold medalist. The only person who wasn't partnered yet was Jae-suk hyung. Because his partner won't make it to the initial briefing, so they proceeded to tell the rest of the Running Men what they would do for the day. The rules were explained, and mission card was handed over to the racers.

Wait, what about Jae-suk hyung's partner? Well, its Ryu Seung-soo hyung actually. Jae-suk hyung recognize him through his 'unique' voice tone. Though Seung-soo hyung tried his best to masked his identity by pretending to be an English-speaking foreigner through the phone call.

But his acting was a bit too obvious for the film-mania Jae-suk hyung. Jae-suk hyung recognize him immediately after he accidentally spoke in Korean. Anyway, he is game with the Running Man. He couldn't come to the briefing place, but he agreed to rendezvous with Jae-suk hyung by the train station. Oh yes, I almost forgot, they rolled the dice to see which public transport they would take. Jong-kook and Suk-jin hyung team got the flight plane, Kwang-soo and Haha team got the bus, while the rest got the train.

Of course, there would be games that they need to play, to make the journey more memorable and enjoyable(?). For starter, while Kwang-soo team and Haha team get on their bus, they went for a meal first. They afraid that whole journey would take the whole day, so they decided to fill up their stomach first. Its the same thing as the rest of the other team were thinking. Seung-soo hyung even ate a hamburger before meeting up with Jae-suk hyung at the train station. But there were more. They were given the traveling fees, so its only natural that they thought that they need to save up as much as possible. Probably at the end, whoever had the most money left would be more advantageous. So Haha and his partner, Man-seok, hatched up a plan to have a meal together with Kwang-soo team. So that after the meal, they can play a game where the loser would pay the bill. Haha team ended up winning, obviously, because they were the one suggested the game. You know what they say, never bet in a game that you cannot win.  

But that was their own personal game. There were other games waiting for them, prepared by the Running Man's PD. The first one was the flight travel teams. Jong-kook team and Suk-jin hyung team need to pass a trashcan hurling game. They need to hurls themselves using a wheeled trashcan to a specified spot. Failure to do so, would cause them to take the next flight, which would be 3 hours later. Winner can take the immediate flight. In the end, both teams failed, and all of them ended waiting in the airport for the next 3 hours. They can't really complain because the flight is the fastest method of travelling, so its only right they were given such a hard game to accomplished.

For Haha and Kwang-soo team, they got the eating mission. Which regretfully, they already spend some money on the meal earlier. If only they knew, but there is a catch. Whoever failed, would be left behind and have to find their own way to get to the camping site. The bus stops for 15 minutes and they need to roll a dice and order the food on the menu based from the number they got from the dice. Also, they need to run back to the bus in time or the bus would leave them behind. Both team manage to pass this game, although barely. Haha team was almost left behind if not because of Kwang-soo team leading them straight to where the bus was hidden.

For the train team, it was dice roll. Because the train stop for only a few minutes and very punctual, so they couldn't play any games that is time-consuming. Gary and Sang-hwa got left behind because they didn't get the 'Board' from the dice roll. Jae-suk hyung team got super lucky because they suppose to roll first, but they manage to get the 'Board' from the dice roll.

Their gathering point would be in Gwangju Bus Terminal. So all of them, including those who were left behind need to go there for their final game. Those that win their game would continue their journey, while those who left behind need to find another alternative to get there. Their final destination is camp site in Haenam.

The flight team stumbled upon Lee Hyori.
Lee Hyori was the first guest in the first episode of Running Man.
The games that awaits them at Gwangju Bus Terminal. All 6 of them.
There are 2 final mission, the first is 'Let Ji-hyo win'.
While for the rest of the Running Man, its Random Dice Game.
After Ji-hyo win and left, the real game started.
Gary and Sang-hwa got the 'Do the pose'.
Gary had some troubles with lifting the Olympic gold medalist.
Technically, he feared that Sang-hwa had more muscles than him. 
Sang-hwa warns Gary not to drop her.
The obedient Gary.
He tried to lift her from his knee.
The idea is to lift her up to his stomach, then to his breast level.
Unfortunately, they stuck at knee level.
Well, Sang-hwa indeed have more muscles than him.
That is why she is more.. substantially harder to lift than expected.
Seung-soo hyung showed his skill by sitting on the cone until the end.
He collapse right after he finished his time. This worried all the dongsaeng.
Massage, massage
Turns out Seung-soo hyung cheated.
At the end, Jong-kook team and Suk-jin hyung team arrived.
Jong-kook team got the 'Eat the spicy tteokbokki'.
They have to finish the food in 2 minutes, whistle once, and wait for 1 more minute.
During the duration, they can't drink any water.
Its actually really spicy.
And Jong kook can't eat spicy food. It gives him the hiccup.
Good thing Min-jong loves spicy food.
But his face was really red. 
Min-jong eat most of the tteokbokki.
And they passed! In one go.
Jae-suk hyung team got the 'Sitting on the cone' game again.
Seung-soo this time did it without cheating.
He showed his superb acting skill by pretending that it doesn't hurt at all
Which of course, painful as hell.
If there any synonym for the saying, 'raging pain in the ass'
This would be it.
Seung-soo hyung probably going to massage his butt for the remainder of the day.
Suk-jin hyung and Gary team ended last.
So they decided to travel to the camping site together.
And err... at this point I have no idea what is happening.
But the PD was screaming Ji-hyo's name, for not paying the taxi fee.
Good thing Gary is as poetic as ever.
This episode was really weird. First of all, why Song Ji-hyo was so rude to the guest, which was her own partner, Dong-jun, who also acted in the same drama as her? In the train, Dong-jun was kind of a.. really sad guy. It was his first time and he even got scolded. He was like the most unluckiest guy ever, you know, the kind of guy who tag along in a camping trip but really invisible. That kind of guy. And why didn't she paid the taxi fee?

Anyway, at the end, Kwang-soo team won and got the best sleeping place. The rest, I don't know what to say. Seeing how the games were played, for some obvious reasons I don't have high expectation for episode 193.


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