Saturday, May 31, 2014

The largest snake in the world, Titanoboa

Largest snake ever found, Titanoboa. So big, it put the infamous Anaconda to shame. Its so large, it can.. it can.. what am I doing writing about snakes anyway?? Actually, I was just looking for the top ten stuff and came across on this. But don't worry, the snake is dead for good, I mean, it's already extinct. About 50-60 million years ago, give or take 10 million years. It is the largest, longest, and heaviest snake ever discovered. According to its fossil of course.

Found by a team of international scientists somewhere around a coal mine of Cerrejon in La Guajira (Godzilla?), Columbia. It was estimated that the largest of this beast could had a total length of about 12.8 meters and weighted about 1,135 kilogram. That is right, it weighed about a tonne. Have you ever got a tonne of boulder fell on top of you? If you did, then you shouldn't able to read this by now.

But that was just an estimate on a creature that have long extinct. We can never be too sure, especially when reptiles and amphibian are notorious for 'growing up for life'. Snakes, crocodile, turtles and tortoise, they all keep on growing as long as they live. And some of them could live almost forever, like tortoise. They only died from diseases or predations, or fell off from a cliff. Did you know that tortoise have their organs stopped growing after they reached maturity? They could live up to a hundred years old but still have a teenage liver inside them. So yeah, Titanoboa, if the size of a bus is average size for them, I wonder how big they could get if they, you know, live for 60 million years?


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