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[Movie] The Amazing Spiderman 2

By now, I think it safe to assume that you guys have watched The Amazing Spiderman 2: Rise of Electro film. If you haven't, then, go watch it in the nearest cinema. Because you are missing on one of the best movie of 2014. I loves the 3 earlier Spiderman movies but it turns out that this new reboot franchise is far more awesome than the first 3. Who said you need to change the movie plot from the comic to make it sell? Turns out it far more awesome to stay to the original story.

But is the new Spiderman, the Amazing Spiderman remain true to the original plot from the comic books? I can't really say, because I read the comic book like ages ago. There might be some variations, but yeah, you can say its pretty close. The film was starred by Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Dane DeHaan, Jamie Foxx, Paul Giamatti, and Embeth Davidtz. Before this film came out, there were a lot of rumors like, Rhino is going to come out, Green Goblin is going to come out, Electro is going to come out, Doctor Octopus, and many more. Seems like there were a lot of concept arts and people were speculating which villain would face the amazing Spiderman.

Well, worry no more. Obviously, Electro is going to come out. Because his face is already printed on the poster and the name of the movie include the phrase 'Rise of Electro'. In this film, Electro (Jamie Foxx) came into being while repairing a faulty wiring in a genomic lab in OsCorp building. Well, in the comic book he got struck by lightning while working on a power line. But then again in the comic book, he stole equipment from Stark Industries (Iron Man) and approached by Magneto (X-Men). So obviously that story-line is thrown out of the window, because we need him to meet Spidey.

Max Dillon, an electrical engineer in OsCorp whom everyone mistreated and have a serious attachment issue. Spiderman saved him once, and he already considered Spidey as his bestest friend ever. He even had a monologue with himself where he urmm.. pretended that Spiderman would come and celebrate his birthday. Very creepy, guys. Then one day, the day of his birthday, his superior asked him to repair a faulty wiring on after work hour. Everyone had already left the building, forcing him to work alone. In the the genomics lab, there were electric eels. He fell down into a tank full of them, and he urmm.. died. Or so everyone thought.

He later woke in a mortuary, changed into totally something else. Looked a lot like the electric eel, he can absorb and charged a huge amount of electrical energy. Later when he managed to turned his body into the electrical current itself and ride into electrical wire, he looked even more like Dr. Manhattan from the Watchmen with all the blue color and rearranging his body molecules.

Next, is the Green Goblin. But instead of Norman Osborn, its the son, Harry Osborn (Dane DeHaan), who became the Green Goblin. He didn't came into being until over half time of the movie. But from the beginning, he went to meet his dying father where his father dropped the bomb about the Osborn Curse. Apparently the Osborns are plagued with some sort of genetic disease called 'retroviral hyperplasia'. A disease that makes them degenerate as they grew older, twitching hands and sensitive to lights, and also made them fugly? In any case, they all will end up dying horribly as the disease wrecked their bodies. So Norman revealed to his son about his secret work, to find a cure for the disease.

But unknown to his son, his dad was really a piece of work. He was the one who killed Peter Parker's (Andrew Garfield) parents. But Peter Parker's parent managed to sabotage Norman's plan (he was planning to weaponize the mutagen) and made the genetic serum so that only Parkers can use them. Something that caused Norman to fail to replicate their genetic experiments. Unknowing about that too, Harry was desperate to heal himself and took the spider genetic serum in OsCorp secret facility unto himself, causing his body to deteriorate exponentially, almost killing him, if not for the experimental prototype of hi-tech body armor in that facility that kept his body in one piece. That, is when he became the Green Goblin. Also, he hated Spiderman/ Peter Parker for refusing to give some blood to cure him (Peter or Spiderman's blood is known to be stable with the genetic serum as shown in the first Amazing Spiderman film).

Finally, the last villain in The Amazing Spiderman 2, is the Rhino. He appeared late in the movie, actually right at the end. But he did appeared in the beginning as normal villain, a Russian mobster named Aleksei Sytsevich (Paul Giamatti), who first appeared hijacking a plutonium cache from OsCorp Industries. Later, Harry busted him from prison and gave him a mech suit (that is right, he is riding a robot instead of mutated into rhino man) that both bipedal and can transform into a Rhino robot. The cool thing is that he not only can ram things like a mad Rhino but he can also shoot machine guns and missiles.

But the creme de la creme of this film is actually the fate of Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone). In the comic book, Gwen died during the encounter of Spiderman with the Green Goblin. This event is quite popular and highly influenced the plot in the Amazing Spiderman comic book. I think it fair to say that Gwen is one the comic character that actually stay dead. Cloned at one point, but never revived. So what happened in the movie? Well she died, after the showdown between Spiderman and Electro and Green Goblin. She fell off from a clock tower, and Peter failed to save her in time. Her death wrecked Peter, because you know, in the first Amazing Spiderman film he made a promise with Gwen's dying dad. To stay away from Gwen, so that no harm might befall upon her.

The ending was, superb. Even with Gwen's death, Spiderman/ Peter Parker's resolve became strongerer than ever. Because he doesn't want anyone to suffer the same fate as Gwen. What I'm trying to say here, there is a high possibility that there is going to be next movie. So yeah, Gwen's death is not the end. In fact, I prefer her not being revived back because that would be a real bummer. That would be like, reviving Uncle Ben back. So yeah, I hope there would be another sequel.


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