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[TV Series] RM Episode 197

As I had suspected, a grander episode compared to the last week show. Its another best of the best episode, this one could be one of my favorite. You probably have watched this episode, but if you haven't, then you are missing a lot. In this episode, the ending took an incredible twist. Something that even the Running Man fans wouldn't even expect.

In this episode, they would have a Ddakji (or Ttakji) competition against each other. There was no guest appearance, but instead they had recruited college students to be part of their team. Each Running Man member is a team on their own, where they would need to find another two person to join their team. The whole format of this week episode looked simple, but actually it was not. It was quite an event, with students from 7 universities all over South Korea coming over to watch the competition. The final venue was in Jam-sil Students' Gymnasium, an indoor sporting arena. They had to limit the amount of students that coming over to cheer for their university. That is right, the Running Man was representing their university.

The whole thing moves smoothly with a fast pace. The show started with the Running Man were given breakfast meal, to which they had to choose based on their preference.

After they enjoyed their meal, depending on what meal that they choose, it was revealed there were universities' name attached to it. The Running Man would go to this university, and they would be required to recruit 2 person to be their team member. They also can choose a handful of students to be their cheering squad. For what purpose? The PDs revealed to them what to expect by the end of day, they were going to host a Inter-University Ttakji Tournament. So they better do their best.

Jae-suk hyung got the Chungbuk National University, Suk-Jin hyung got the Chonbuk University, Jong-kook got the Kangwon National University, Haha got the Incheon National University, Gary got the Kyonggi University, Kwang-soo got the Korea Univeristy, while Ji-hyo got the Busan National University. They need to move quickly because, well its almost 200 miles from Jamsil and Busan, so they really need to cover the distances before the end of the day.

And so began their journey. This is going to fun. First of all, Jae-suk hyung is a self-proclaimed the Ttakji King. Though Jong-kook already took over that tittle in the Ultimate Ttakji episode, there is also Gary who is quite capable in contesting the tittle. So they set on journey brimming with confidence. They already made up their mind on what kind of person should be in their them. For some reason, I had this feeling that they all would be looking for someone who looked like Kwang-soo.

As usual, some hilarity ensues during their journey. Kwang-soo took a bus toward his destination because he got the nearest place, Korea University. He first had to go through a Math test with the bus driver, when the bus driver asked him how many person is aboard (there were 7 of them including Kwang-soo and the bus fare was 1050won). Kwang-soo put in 10,000won, and the bus driver asked him how much the change that would be. So it would be (10,000won - (1050won x 7 person)) which sums up to 2650won of change. Kwang-soo ended up with a lot of 100won coins. Luckily he met with a Korea University's student, whom he able to asked for a change of 500won. Although it was an idle chat, but it was kind of funny because the girl kept saying the word 'daebak' every time Kwang-soo opened his mouth.

While in Chonbuk University, Suk-jin hyung met a lively crowd. As usual, he asked them to cheer his name. First he met a pretty girl who claimed to be the university's cheerleader but have a suspiciously hoarse voice. Then he met with petite girl who looked a lot like Jae-suk hyung. She told Suk-jin hyung that she stopped eating and ran over there when her friends told her about Running Man coming over to the university.

Suk-jin hyung asked her why should she be picked as part of the cheering squad, she hilariously replied that she was supposed to graduated by that year, but she got extended because she took an absence in last semester, and that is why she is still there, and also, that very day her lecturer's wife is giving birth so her class got cancelled, so she is free the whole day. LOL. Suk-jin hyung can only laughed at the absurdity of her story. But yeah, she was quite entertaining so Suk-jin hyung picked her to be part of the cheering squad, and she was given a chance to choose one of her friend to join the cheering squad.

In Incheon University, Haha met with 'Mr.Bean', whom made a hilarious gag that is familiar to Haha. The guy actually failed the Ttakji test from Haha, but he pick up that ttakji back and shout the spell that Haha was always obsessed with. The Time Controller spell. He repeated the spells several time, causing Haha and the whole crowd to burst into laughter. But too bad he still failed the Ttakji test. That guy was really like Mr.Bean. LOL.

"Wow, look at his legs."
Other than that, Haha also found a mysterious student. He ran away from Haha and the Running Man production team when he was found, causing them to run around the campus area. Haha only managed to catch up with him, after the student's friend gave him a phone call, to which Haha was surprised with his 'beautiful' legs.

A man with such beautiful legs must be highly athletic. So Haha decided to take him into his ttakji team. But he really had good time, seems like Incheon National University are filled with talented people, so he said.

Anyway, this is some on the students who were chosen to team up with the Running Man.

The man with a manly back view and a pair of beautiful legs.
"We just fell in love with your back view."
The man with sweaty armpits.
"Don't they know if you sweat, you'll do better?"
The young foreign man who now more like a Korean.
"Oh, so.. you're my hyung?" 
The man who is small but never stops fighting.
"*just smiles*"
The beautiful man who can do fiery spike attack.
"We will go and come back with gold medal."
The man who secretly good at dancing.
"So this is difference between talent and training."
The man with explosive strength and looked a lot like Jong-kook.
"Jong-kook looked small compared to him."
The man with weird dances and looked a lot like Kwang-soo.
"*dance dance*"
The man who also looked like Kwang-soo, but better at ttakji than Kwang-soo.
"Why are you so good at ttakji??"
Someone who is going to be Ji-hyo's punch-bag.
"Yah! What are you doing Busan University?!!"
Before they get to the Ttakji tournament, they'll do a tug o' war with 7 sides.
Because they have 7 teams, so one of them would be moved up into semi-finals.
Obviously, the strongest should be moved up to the semi-finals. So that in the quarter-finals the other team would have a fighting chance. Jong-kook team won this round, so anyone who pass the quarter-finals would meet them in a fight for the finals.

The main event. Don't walk, but ttakji.
I won't sweat on the details but the highlight of this tournament was actually Suk-jin hyung team. That is right, Suk-jin and the students of Chonbuk University. During the quarter-final, Suk-jin hyung team had a close fight with Kwang-soo team and barely managed to move up to the semi-finals. Its all thanks to Suk-jin hyung team members.

Right at the start, their winning chances were slim and nil to begin with. When they moved up to the semi-finals, their opponent turns out to be Jong-kook and Kwangwon National University. That made their chances of winning to be nil, with slim already left the building. Especially when Kwangwon National university team consist of a crushing force with 2 Jong-kook and 1 Kwang-soo.

Right off the the bat, Jong-kook team won 2 times in a row. With overwhelming power, Suk-jin team was quickly at disadvantage when his strongest members were the first and second ttakji player. That left Suk-jin hyung up against Jong-kook himself on the third round. But during Jong-kook's turn, all of the sudden everyone in the cheering squads started to chant Yoon Eun Hye's name. This caused Jong-kook to lost focus and unable to exert his full strength. Suk-jin hyung who was thankful with this divine providence, unwilling to let down his teammates who have tried their best from the start. He used all of his willpower and strength, and turn the table when he managed to flip Jong-kook's ttakji, allowing his teammates to play another round to score more points.

"Suk-jin hyung literally saved his team from crisis."
The whole crowd totally went crazy with this surprising comeback. Suk-jin hyung whom everyone looked down upon, the so called pathetic Impala Big-Nosed, turn the tide and beat Tiger Jong-kook who was the champion in the Ultimate Ttakji showdown. In the end, Suk-jin hyung team managed to score more points than Jong-kook team consecutively, crushing their opponent completely in a big reversal victory.

Suk-jin hyung and the Chonbuk University students.
In case you thought that I forgot to include Suk-jin hyung team roster, I was actually saving it for the last.

On Suk-jin hyung left is Choi Min-gyu from Physical Education course, Chonbuk University's Ace.

While on Suk-jin hyung right is Bae Jae-hyun also from Physical Education course, Chonbuk University's Terminator.

And of course right in the middle, Ji Suk-jin, father to Ji Hyun-woo.

With their confidence shot right through the roof after beating the unbeatable Jong-kook the Ultimate Ttakji Champion, Suk-jin hyung team literally bulldozed Jae-suk hyung team in the finals.Min-hyu and Suk-jin hyung managed to score points consecutively in the first and second round, but Ja-hyun the Terminator lost to Jae-suk hyung the Ttakji King in the third round. However on the fourth round, Min-gyu the Ace won again, securing their win completely.

The Final Winner
Go! Go! Suk-jin hyung and Chonbuk University.
The first and second winning team both got their students' to receive scholarship money as the prize. Wah, those battles.. that was so amazing. I always knew that Suk-jin hyung still have those fires in him.


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