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[TV Series] RM Episode 194

Finally, we have come to the second Mafia Game. Will it be the Mafia win or the Citizen? Although we already know that Min-jong is a Mafia, but what about the rest? First of all, the show took about 10 minutes of opening replaying back the previous scene. Yes, about 10 or more minutes. Well, its understandable. This show's broadcast were delayed for 2 weeks to give way for the Sewol ferry tragedy. Probably they wanted to refresh back the viewers' memory on the previous episode.
But still, the Sewol ferry tragedy should not be forgotten. Even though this show is all full of fun and laughter, they delayed this show as a sign of respect, and the Running Man members even visit the temporary memorial service for the Sewol ferry tragedy victims to pay their condolences.

Back to the Running Man, the last episode showed Dong-jun and Jae-suk hyung got voted out as the Mafia. Turns out both of them are Citizen. So in the fishing game, the result was no Mafia got ousted. So the Mafia retained their number of 3 person. That ought to worry the remaining Citizen. Just like Haha and Man-seok, Dong-jun and Jae-suk hyung got sent away to prepare the lunch and would not join the next games.

But it was kind of hilarious because all these circumstances makes the remaining members to be more confused and suspicious with each other. The Citizen were lucky to nail down Mafia Man-seok, but they were aiming for Haha, not Man-seok. Who could be the other Mafias? Anyway, Dong-jun was pathetically taken out because he didn't object strongly(?). Because Jae-suk hyung also pointed strongly toward Dong-jun, he was voted out as well, so that perhaps one of them would be a Mafia. But with them both being Citizen, there are 3 Mafias and 7 Citizens left. No Mafia can remain if the Citizen were to win at the end.

Meanwhile, Haha and Man-seok were goofing around at the camping place. They were preparing the lunch, and planning to make a special curry. To rid of their boredom, Haha mentioned that Man-seok look a lot like the main character in the film 'Slumdog Millionaire'. He called Man-seok as 'Hassan' although the main character in the 'Slumdog Millionaire' was actual Jamal.

But Man-seok just played along diligently, apparently. Maybe because he knew that his skin easily got darker(?) because he claimed during the night before that his skin was getting tanner from just grilling the meat. Haha even put up a turban(?) made from a tissue roll.

Man-seok then started to speak like an Indian, I cannot believe he actually did that. It was hilarious. He was quite cool and easy to get along. Some people could get really hard to play along. But not Man-seok. That is right, Man-seok (Hassan hyung?), its the variety show. You need to play along and show your variety skills. Go Man-seok!

Then Jae-suk hyung and Dong-jun arrived. Haha and Man-seok planned to haze the next persons who get ousted. But they didn't expect to see Jae-suk hyung. They yelled at both of Jae-suk hyung and Dong-jun, and asked them to stand at attention.

Jae-suk hyung just brushed them off and going to take Dong-jun to a nearby restaurant for their lunch. Jae-suk hyung knew that Haha wanted to play around, but the situation have changed. Everyone was quite agitated because of the Mafia Game, and they better prepare something good for the members. It seems that the curry that Haha and Man-seok prepared won't be enough, so they need to cook some other dishes as well. But Haha still doesn't want to back off, so he turned to bully the younger Dong-jun instead.

You know, this why I really love Jae-suk hyung. Even though in Korea, their lifestyle is heavily influenced with Confucianism where the people there highly respect their elders (that is why older person have more authority and can smack you in the head), Jae-suk hyung never abused this privileges. Even though he argued and bullied Haha back, but it was all for gags and fun. He didn't order around like some other older man that I've seen in the show. He only said stuff with his mouth, but he still end up helping with the work there by peeling the potatoes, frying the eggs and more.

Meanwhile, Man-seok introduced his own curry recipe. He puts in 3 packet of instant coffee mix and 3 spoonful of strawberry jam into the curry. I have never tried this before, but I do know that there are a lot that you can mix in the curry to improve the taste to your preference. Some would put fruits to sweeten the taste, while putting butter would make the curry creamier and extra spicy.

Anyway, there are 2 more games left. There is much to do, but I'll highlight the incredibly hilarious scenes because, you know, they actually spend more time talking about who is the mafia.

The next game: Buy the item based on the Korean consonant given.
They can't buy the same item, and it first come first serve.
The next person who comes with the same item need to find another to buy.
With Jae-suk hyung oust, Seung-soo hyung takes the spotlight.
He was really hilarious in this game.
First, he lost. He actually went straight pass the gathering place.
Second, he screamed in triumph even though the potato he bought already displayed on the table.
He went back out to buy another item, only to be the bottled soy sauce displayed on the table.
Which he had already seen 30 seconds ago from the first try.
Third, he couldn't think of other item and just looking in envy from outside.. LOL
In the end, the winners was Jung-nan noona and Jong kook and got the exemption.
When they start the debate again, the atmosphere become heavy and tense.
Kwang-soo said that now he knows why some girl would cried playing this game.
There are even people who he never sees again after playing this game.
Kwang-soo doesn't want to lose anyone anymore!!
They shouldn't have played this game, he screamed.
Amazingly, no one voted Kwang-soo to be a Mafia.
Kwang-soo was touched and felt happy.
He proclaimed his loves everyone.
Which irritates Jong-kook. LOL
He said, don't make me raised my hand.
Anyway, Ju-hwan have become quite sharp.
He pointed out several irregularities that he suspect could be the Mafia.
In the end, Min-jong got ousted. Its not because of his bad acting.
If anything, his acting was good. But he missed one small detail.
Seasickness is also known as motion sickness.
But he didn't get sick from the unstable bus.
So his lies was seen through by Ju-hwan
Another person who got ousted was Ji-hyo. Even though she turned out to be a Citizen, she was too suspicious. She pointed her finger from Gary to Suk-jin hyung and then claimed that there must be one Mafia out of 3 of the female members, so she tried to pin it on Sang-hwa and Jung-nan noona. But her accusation toward Gary that nailed her own coffin. Gary claimed that her desperation was too suspicious. Because her argument that there must be one Mafia among the 3 women, so they choose her instead.

The next game: The Cabbage Man
They need to fill their cart with cabbages and race to the end.
The winners were Jung-nan and Jong-kook
They started their Mafia-Citizen debate back at the camping site.
Their confusion and suspicion grew even larger.
While they having the discussion, Haha and Man-seok are worried.
Worried that their special curry would grew cold.
Ju-hwan again offers his sharp insight
Then Kwang-soo tried to chip in.
But Jae-suk hyung yelled at him.
"Why are you still sitting there??"
"Quiet you, the one who got ousted!"
"Just go and boil the curry!" 
LOL, Jae-suk hyung couldn't believe Kwang-soo still survives.
Thanks to Ji-hyo instigation earlier, the remaining Citizen that survived firmly believed that the there must be a Mafia among the 3 ladies, or perhaps the remaining 2 of them are all Mafias. Jong-kook also thought that because people usually have a soft spot and unsuspecting toward woman, then they are likely to be Mafia. With Mafia Min-jong caught, the remaining Mafias are 2 people. So this is their final chance to ousted the Mafia all together. If even one of the Mafia survives, then it would be the Mafia win.

This time the debate can be participated by those that got ousted, but they still cannot vote. They can only offer some insight or try to sway the group's opinion. The suspicion on Seung-soo hyung was still as high as ever, but his clumsiness (he didn't even get any exemption throughout the games) sets back a little of the suspicion. He was too transparent, and all of his bluffs were called on. Gary was not a suspect because there was nothing suspicious about him. Jong-kook suspected Suk-jin hyun because his palm's was sweaty, showing that Suk-jin hyung was nervous, but he can't be sure. Suk-jin hyung always nervous anyway. While Ji-hyo kept shouting Suk-jin hyung's name but then again she always points at Suk-jin hyung and Kwang-soo no matter what game they in. For the last four years, if its not Suk-jin hyung, then Ji-hyo would be shouting Kwang-soo name instead.

In the end, they choose the remaining 2 ladies, Jung-nan noona and Sang-hwa. Turns out, Jung-nan noona was a Mafia. But Sang-hwa, poor Sang-hwa was not. So who was the last surviving Mafia? They thought Seong-soo must be a Mafia, so they ripped his name-tag as well to be sure. Although at this point, the Mafia had already won. The surviving Citizens failed to take out all of the Mafia. But was Seong-soo the Mafia? Turns out he also not a Mafia.

Suk-jin hyung was actually the last Mafia. He played it cool and kept a low profile.
At then end, when he was suspected, the damage was already done. One of the ladies was obviously a Mafia. But because they never suspected them, so all three was at the shopping game. When they took out Ji-hyo who turned out to be a Citizen, there 2 more left. And Suk-jin hyung insisted that one of the remaining ladies must be a Mafia. His move was to lead the vote toward Sang-hwa, even if he was voted along with Jung-nan or Seung-soo. After Sang-hwa got the majority vote, Suk-jin hyung, Seung-soo hyung, and Jung-nan noona got the same amount of votes, and needed to be re-voted. His final stroke was to tip the balance to the other woman whom everyone equally suspected. He actually voted for Jung-nan noona, his own Mafia colleague. Which lead to one Citizen and one Mafia ousted, ensuring the Mafia win. 

Its only a game though, no hard feeling.
Its time to try Man-seok special Haenam-style Indian curry.
I'm genuinely quite surprised with Suk-jin hyung being the Mafia. He and Jung-nan noona both were really good acting like an innocent Citizen. They tried their best on the game although they knew they can't win the physical races, and show supports to the Citizen like they were part of them. Go Suk-jin hyung!


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