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[TV Series] RM Episode 196

This episode combines supposedly the best episodes from the past. The theme is time travel, where the Running Man are given chances to re-enact back those famous episodes, based on their own preference, and become the main cast themselves.

Truthfully, this episode is quite fun but urmm.. why didn't they made it into 2 episodes? It seems like they cut out a lot of scenes. But yeah, I think this episode was probably patched up together to make something simpler (they did the recording in the same building the whole day) while they concentrate on more grander next episodes. The news have it that the Running Man are joining the Asian Dream Cup 2014, along with Park Ji-sung, one of the Running Man best guest.

I think there is no need to hide or sugar-coat anything. Ji-hyo won the whole thing. Although I have no idea how or why should anyone win at all. Because they didn't keep the score or anything. But yeah, she was the last winner and urm.. well, whatever. Might as well repeat it a thousand more times, maybe somewhere along that point she would be an idol or something. The ending for some reason, infuriates me.

But at least the rest of the show was quite entertaining. The episode started with rest of the Running Man scattered all over the place, laying on the floor. They didn't remember anything, and most importantly they didn't have their name-tag on their back. The Running Man were told that they were out of the game, and in order to come back to life, they need to find the pill that would bring them back into the past, thus reviving them.
There no name-tag!
Jae-suk hyung coolly lie on the railing, instead of on the floor.
Because that gag is so yesterday.
But first, they need to regroup first. They all were given hint to go somewhere and gain the information about their next destination. Written on a piece of paper, there was a puzzle that they need to solve. For the first few minutes on the start of the show, the Running Man moves around nearby on their location and tried to solve the riddles by asking passersby.

But Jae-suk hyung coolly solved the riddle all by himself.
The answer to this riddle is the 'Skywalk'.
After finishing the riddle, they all went to the specified skywalk and met Dong Wan PD, who this time disguised as a roadside fortune teller. Whoever got to him, would be given the mission card, that lead the Running to Sinchon's hospital building. Jong-kook was the first to arrived, followed by Jae-suk hyung, Suk-jin hyung and later Kwang-soo, and the rest of the Running Man. Their objective was to find a pill, that will bring them to the past. There were a lot of people walking around in white robes, some carrying a small tool box that could contained the pill. They chase people who carrying the tool box, and Jae-suk hyung got a small pill bottle from the tool box. But Kwang-soo saw him, and hilarity ensue.

Kwang-soo managed to get the pill bottle. But it contain nails instead of pills.
Kwang-soo questioned whether the nails can be counted as the pills.
To which Jae-suk hyung replied -
The word 'nail', 'eat' and 'cannot' have the same sound.
Its a play-word by Jae-suk hyung.
"You really are magician of language."
While they were goofing around, suddenly the PDs that accompanied them halted them on their tracks. It appeared that someone had found the pills. And the time would now reverted back into a past episode. Now the rule is simple, whoever ate the pills would be the main cast, regardless of how the previous episodes were. It was shown that the Running Man members had been interviewed beforehand, and had been asked which episode was the best according to them.

"Especially to Yoo Jae-suk ssi, try to have the taste of this."
This is the re-enactment of the very first Yoomes Bond episode.
In the past, Jong-kook almost won, but Jae-suk hyung caught him in the last minute.
This time Jong-kook wished to take Jae-suk hyung's place.
As Kookiemes Bond.
"How could you let 'Yoomes Bond' image screwed up like this?"
This re-enactment upsets Jae-suk hyung greatly.
Because Jong Kook.. well, he kind of use brute force.. a lot.
Following Jae-suk hyung recommendation-
Jong-kook took the role as Kookminator.
Now he finally fit his trigger happy character.  
In the end, Gary won the re-enactment, along with Ji-hyo. Those who failed the re-enactment, get their name-tag to be enlarged as punishment. Then the pills hunt starts all over again. This time Kwang-soo got the pill, and the whole thing reverted back into the past episode. Into the Sherlock Holmes race episode.

In the past, Kwang-soo got tricked by Suk-jin hyung.
He saw Suk-jin hyung got carried away, and thought he was out.
Turns out he single-handedly helped Suk-jin hyung to fake his out. 
The famous Sherlock Holmes race episode, where Suk-jin hyung became Lupin the Thief. Suk-jin hyung almost won the whole thing if not because he was meant to lose. His plan was flawless, but in the end his 2 big muscular guards 'magically' got held by Ji-hyo, well, you know where that leads. She got the jewelry, because she was meant to win from the beginning. But that aside, Suk-jin hyung's acting was incredible in that episode. For this new re-enactment.. Someone else become the new Lupin.

Although Kwang-soo was excited to play Suk-jin hyung's Lupin character, here is the problem.. he will always be taken out first, regardless whether or not he is the suspect. And also, he can't win anything, or there would be hell to pay. In this re-enactment, he concentrated on taking out those that have been the obstacles to his winning for all this time. Ji-hyo.

In the end, he got caught, but at least he got his revenge. Go go Kwang-so!!

After that, again, another magical pill hunt began. This time, Haha got the pill, and they all got resurrected in the notorious episode of Running Man Best of the Best - Superpower. Yes, I said it. That episode was notoriously misleading. The best superpower at that time was no doubt Ji-hyo's Mind Controller power. But that was more supercheat rather than superpower. Because she got 2 superpower: Reflection ability and know-fucking-everyone-power ability. The truth is, Gary's Duplicator power was the most useful. And against all odd, especially against Ji-hyo supercheat, Gary emerged victorious.

Haha, made a mistake by taking the Mind Controller power. It was super useless because in the re-enactment, everyone had already known what kind of superpowers in play. And the reflection ability only worked once, making it pale compared to the Phoenix power. Instead, he gave Ji-hyo the Duplicator power. The very power that helped Gary to win in the first time. By the time he realize his mistake, or maybe its scripted, I don't know, but it was too late to do anything.

Everyone knew what superpower out there, and the only question was who got which one. As usual, Running Man all screwed themselves so that Ji-hyo can win. In fact, it goes exactly according to what she ordered. First, they find the one who have the Death Note power, which was Suk-jin hyung. In his desperation, Suk-jin hyung took out Jong-kook, who had his former Sixth Sense power and his own superhuman strength. Haha who had the Reflection power took out Suk-jin hyung in return.

"Who is Phoenix, go fucking sacrifice yourself!!"
Haha snapped by the time he realized what was going on.
In the end, Running Man fought with each other with complete disregard of Ji-hyo presence. Kwang-soo was the last person standing. And while he almost take out Ji-hyo, the '3 duplicates' Lolol hold Kwang-soo's arm, which they shouldn't. In the past, Lolol cannot touch or rip name-tags. They can only hinder, block, and confuse the opponents. But Ji-hyo must win, so why the fuck not. So Kwang-soo pathetically got pinned down on the floor, while Ji-hyo swoops in and take the win. Good for her.


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