Sunday, May 25, 2014

[Solved] Dyana Sofya Mohd Daud bikini scandal

Usually, I'll try my best NOT to write anything about political issues or news. Because it sucks ball. Politician usually lie and really loves lying. Even if you managed to get them to promise that they won't lie again after beating them to within an inch of their life, the promise that they had just made? Its a lie. But interestingly, to their warped mind, within the inside of their head, they firmly believed that they didn't commit the lie. To them, its simply a 'selected truth', or an 'omission of details'.

Quite peculiar really. To them, just because they didn't explain properly, doesn't mean they are lying. If anything, it would be everyone else's fault for making speculations, assumptions, and presumptions. And that, lead to the thing that I want to write right now. The issue is not really that big, but the insistence of this issue to be brought up over and over again what really caught my interest.

For the past few weeks, there was a scandalous photo that hit the social media and went viral for a short time. The issue actually have been resolved, but the persistent of some people can be quite tiresome. There was a picture of woman in a bikini, allegedly to be a young Malaysian female politician named Dyana Sofya Mohd Daud. In case you doesn't know this, the Malaysian people can be a little bit conservative and traditional. So a picture of her wearing a bikini somehow sparks some sort of a bad image and a ruined credibility. Apparently it meant that she does not fit to be a leader, for wearing a revealing bikini. Hey, you gotta to respect other people's culture, man. Its how it is in Malaysia.

But the scandalous picture had already been debunked, until it arises again, 2 days ago. Dozens and more copies of the scandalous picture printed on A4 posters were found strewn all over the place where she would be competing for a local area by-election, which is in Teluk Intan. Politics, man. It can be either viciously disgusting, or disgustingly vicious.

But just for fun, let us play the 'Lie or Truth' game, politician style.

The Poster. No description included.
You know what it means, 'omission of details'.
Here is the picture of Dyana Sofya Mohd Daud.
Here is the full picture of the sexy bikini girl.
They look quite alike, are they not? Actually, I don't see the resemblance. But some people are really persistent and insist that somewhere somehow the person in those 2 different pictures shared a striking resemblance.

The answer is:

Its two DIFFERENT persons. Even if you take one look with a half of brain, you can tell that its not the same person. Well, to me, their faces is completely different. But in case you still perceive some sort of resemblance, then I'll tell you the giveaway. Its the nose. Dyana Sofya have a flat nose, while the bikini girl have a sharp nose.

But, if it isn't Dyana Sofya's picture, then who the hell is that sexy bikini girl? I've told you that the picture had been debunked days ago. The girl in bikini was actually Pauleen Marie Javier-Luna, a Philipine actress and television personality. The picture was taken during one of her bikini photo shooting. In fact, Pauleen Luna had been made aware of this controversy and admitted that the picture was indeed hers, 6 days ago, according to

These are 2 more of Pauleen's pictures. Just for your eye candy. You can search more of her pictures in the internet. Now I know some of you use internet to watch porn, but seriously... There a more to the internet than just for watching porn.

Well, that was a fun game, wasn't it. The picture was spread through social media, with no details whatsoever. And when some people saw those two pictures put together into one, they just jump into conclusion and thought it was implied that there were resemblances or something, and proceeded to make claim that Dyana Sofya is wild party girl.

But now with the picture debunked, the claim turned to be false, I guess its the people's fault for making assumptions on false premises. And not the political opponents. Because from their logic, it wasn't them who mislead the people. Its the people who misunderstood the whole thing.


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