Monday, June 9, 2014

Felixia Yeap - I Can You Can

A Malaysian model, and apparently the first and only Playboy Bunny up to date. Well, formerly. She is no longer a Playboy Bunny, and sparked quite a controversy following with her new appearance. She is now wearing full clothing. A Muslim hijab, if your will (Hijab means 'veil' or 'cover' in Arabic). The reason I'm writing about her right now, is because recently she got under a lot of pressure. Probably because she put a dateline where she would convert into Islam starting from this year Ramadhan (its 29th June of 2014). This causes the people who were too skeptical to accept her drastic change of appearance, where she started to wear hijabs since December 2013, unable to face the fact that she can do whatever the hell that she wanted to do without their approval.

The controversy was that, some people believe that her change of appearance were intended for fame and attention. It is not uncommon for models to change their appearance to appeal to their newly targeted 'market'. She did got quite a publicity when she started donning her hijab. Before this she was only known as the girl that won a beauty pageant and was really smoking hot. But now, with her wearing Muslimah attire, people started to speculate whether she would convert into Islam or lest she would be disrespecting the Islamic faith, for some reason.  

But who is she and why people are hell-bent on controlling her life? She was born in Kuala Lumpur and raised in Ipoh, Perak. She started to rise into stardom when she became on of the finalist of Dewi Remaja contest, in 2005. Then she proceeded to be a finalist on the third season of I Wanna Be a Model reality TV show. She also became Miss Tourism Malaysia in 2007. And.. yeah, she was quite successful in her modeling career. Very successful, until she was chosen to be among the first batch of Bunnies for Playboy Macau club.

Why did I say that? In case you doesn't know, Bunnies from the Playboy can only have 3 dead end. They can either get to marry super rich famous guy and become his trophy wife, become a Playmate and lives in Playboy Mansion with 88+years-old Hugh Hefner, or grew old till you are 30 years-old and got kicked out. Yup, that pretty much it. There were some notable Bunnies, but.. It was kind of sad though. When you become a 'fap' material either in printed or digital media, it just.. won't go away.

And so here she is. Felixia Yeap was probably had enough of that when she was at the Playboy Macau club (she lasted only a month) and decided to forge her own path with her own way.

Its true, you know. For men, just because you have it hung like a moose doesn't mean you have to do porn. The same goes for women. Just because they have nice perky tits doesn't mean she have to do lap dance.

She is young and beautiful. Surely there are lot of things that she can do. Like going to college, learn new stuff, and get a degree or something. The last thing you want, is to have your pictures ended up on someone bathroom door and being 'fapped' at. Believe me, it is not a pretty sight.

Truthfully, even though I'm not her fan or followers, I'm glad with her change of appearance. Because, why the hell not? Why is it when women wanted to open up their hijab and show some cleavage, its called women's right? But when they wanted to wear some extra clothing, and all of sudden everybody loses their mind.

But in a way, the argument can be plausible too. Using religion for fame and wealth is something that, I believe, frowned upon by humanity everywhere. I do hope it wouldn't come to that. Though, its a good reminder to Felixia herself too. She can do and be whatever she wanted to, but she shouldn't abuse the benefit of the doubt. No one knew what is going on in her pretty head, except for herself. And if she really wanted to change, from smoking-hot-sexy-half-nude model to a conservative-full-clothed hijabista, she should do it all the way to end. In fact, I support her. And her plan to convert into the Islamic faith is a plus too, though it wasn't necessary. Wearing hijab isn't exclusive to Muslims only, you see. Christians and Jews in the Middle-East are known to wear hijab as well.

But seeing that the majority of the hijab-wearing women in Malaysia are Muslims, then perhaps converting to Islam would help her on the path of self-discovery. I, for one, wish her all the best. Go go Felixia!


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