Friday, August 29, 2014

[TV Series] RM Episode 209

At the start of the show, the title for this episode was 'Triangle Mystery'. But as you can see, the title on the upper left side of the picture shows that it was actually 'Legend vs Young Blood'. Well, both theme actually did incorporated in this episode.

There were 3 teams this time in the episode. One is the Running Idol team, while the other two were the New Idol team and the Original Idol team. So obviously the number of the guests was quite a lot. In the New Idol team, Haha was grouped with Kai, Se-hun, So-you, and Tae-min. While in the Original Idol team, Jong-kook was grouped with Danny Ahn, Chun Myung-hoon, Eun Ji-won, and Moon Hee-joon.

For the rest of the Running Man, they were in the Running Idol team.

The games were simple ones, but quite important. The most hilarious was the wrestling game, where they all unanimously chose the mud arena for wrestling. And the Running Idol team was single-handedly defeated by Jong-kook, where he bathed them all in mud.

In the end, based on their winning from the earlier games, they got some hint to solve a puzzle. Mathematical puzzle. Specifically, the triangles. They need to make 9 triangles using 7 lines and 5 points.

The Running Idol team won the race/mystery by solving the puzzle first. The episode ended with So-you mini game of Ideal Type World Cup with Jong-kook turns out to be So-you most preferred ideal type.


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