Friday, August 29, 2014

[TV Series] RM Episode 208

The Hallyu (Korean Wave) Star Race episode. There were 2 Hallyu Star and one of them was a guest. So it started with the Running Man given choices to choose between Girin (Giraffe) Hallyu and Tokki (Rabbit) Hallyu. For some reason it was obvious that Girin Hallyu was actually Kwang-soo.

But who was the Tokki Hallyu?

Turns out the Tokki Hallyu was Bae Suzy from Miss A. An idol as the guest, only Jae-suk hyung chose the Girin Hallyu while the rest of the Running Man goes to the Tokki Hallyu's side. Even Kwang-soo didn't know that Bae Suzy was coming for the episode, so both men can only scream in frustration from across the bridge.

Too bad Jong-kook didn't go to the Girin Hallyu side, otherwise the hilarity would tenfold even more. I'm pretty sure that Jae-suk hyung intentionally went to Kwang-soo's side just so he could tease the Girin Hallyu. Which he totally did. Because he was the only person who at Kwang-soo side, so he became the only 'fan' and president of Girin Hallyu fan club.

In the end, Tokki Hallyu won the race. But Girin Hallyu was much, much more hilarious. He gave a speech at the end that he didn't mind losing, which Jae-suk hyung and Haha cut him off and said winning is important the them. Otherwise, what's the point of them running around in the first place?

Well, better luck next time Kwang-soo. :)


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