Saturday, April 2, 2016

April Fools' Day for you

It is the one day, that we don't really celebrate, nor do we wait for it to come. Its there, and somebody's gonna get pranked real bad, whether we like it or not. There are many sources regarding its origin, nobody knows which one is the truth, all could be probably just one big April Fools joke.
Alas, we follow the flow. Or at this age, we say, follow the trend. Now, April Fools Day is also known to be the day where you confess. Differ from region to region, I might add. If anything, I think only my part of homeland that actually do this. We confess, because of our homeland's oppressive ruling regime, but its April Fools Day, so it may or may not be true, and nobody have to die.

So here is my confession. I hate certain woman.

I know, it have nothing do to with politics. Well, maybe a little bit. She's a person that I'll describe as, hardcore supporter of a corrupt regime, and worshiper of a false god. Sounds harsh. But truth is even harsher.

Because 1st April will always remind me of the day. She believed that I didn't know. But I know. We were engaged. Then she broke off our engagement. She believed that I was failing. But I was failing on purpose. I couldn't continue a life like that. Its a bad life. Its a bad religion.

She works as an accountant. In a investment company. She traveled abroad, for work purposes she said, while our country's economy burned to the ground. She appeared on television, and told everyone that everything is ok, while our nation almost brought down to its knee.

I questioned about what she do, what's her job. She could never answer, just like any hardcore supporters of a corrupt regime. They don't know, and they don't want to know. My loved, believe that she contributed to the country, without realizing that she traveled abroad with the expenses paid by the sweats, tears, and bloods, of her own fellow countrymen.

It was the 1st of April, that she broke off our engagement. I know, its the biggest joke yet in my life. But at that point, the real joke was that I thought she loved me. She often told me, that we always get into a fight with each other. But 99.9% of the fights were started by her. I already knew, but didn't want to be the one that pulled the trigger. She was cheating on me.

A few months after she broke off our engagement, she married a wealthy man, whom just like her. The perfect couple. Conveniently, sure. She praised the god for her good fortune. She thought Allah is her god. It is not. She prayed 5 times a day, praised god's name day and night. But her god is not Allah. Its the one that rewarded her with the earthly fortune. For killing us softly.

Over a million of us, couldn't leave the homeland. Over a million of us, indentured to a life of a slave. Forever toiling, to pay our national debt. But she went abroad. Enjoyed her holiday overseas. Over mountains of piling bodies and oceans of innocents blood.

We will not see each other in the afterlife. We, do not want to see you, in the afterlife. If anything, we want to send you to the afterlife, as soon as possible. You, who wet the hands with our red blood. You, with your serpent friends, tried to taint and corrupt our faith. If Allah truly is your god, then why you do you still killing us softly under the name of God?

Supporter of a corrupt regime, worshiper of a false god.

Thus end, the story of my life, and my confession.
Looks heavy, but is true though? It may or may not be true.
Who knows, nobody will ever know.

Happy April Fools Day to everyone.


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