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[Movie] Welcome to the 'Jurassic World'

One of the biggest films in 2015, released on June. Most anticipated during that year, and boy oh boy, it was totally worth the wait. And evidently worth the ticket price as well. The previous sequel, Jurassic Park 3, was released on 2001. It was quite a wait.

Ain't I'm glad that I got the ticket at that time. It was really hard to book it. It was even an excruciating wait for the DVD version to come out, so that I could purchase a copy to put it in my Jurassic film collection. To be honest, this film is better watched in the cinema, unless of course, you have your own home theater.

Talk to hands, boys. Don't eat 'em though.
So what makes this movie better than the previous one? Story-wise, its the same formula. You got kids coming over to see dinosaurs, dinosaurs are not kid-friendly and tries to eat them, adults comes over to save the kids, but some adults are evils, but good adults prevailed.

The only things that made this movie extra awesome than rest of the sequels are the magnitude of the background setting, and also new dinosaurs. The first sequel was about the dinosaur park almost finished built but things went wrong, the second sequel was about exploring the dinosaur island and making it a preserve but ultimately they wanted to open another dinosaur park in San Diego but things still went wrong, however on the third sequel it became a rescue mission in dinosaur island.

Which brings us to the fourth sequel. The park was done built. Dinosaurs were on display. Tourists came in droves. They got dinosaur-fish tank, they got dinosaur jungle trek by glass-ball gyrosphere rides, they got dinosaur aviary park, and there were gift shops and restaurants. They got it all. Dinosaur park was open, you'all.

It must have worth a fortune just to feed this Mosasaurus.
Except for one little hiccup. Theme park that huge, require humongous fund. Operated by the Masrani Global Corporation, they got investors to reel in, other than just the theme park visitors. The park's operation manager, Claire Dearing (Bryce Dallas Howard), was showing the investors and would-be investors the park untapped potential. Which is the science of genetic modification and manipulation.

All the dinosaurs in the park was genetically breed using whatever information that they could gleen from whatever sample they managed to get their hands on. It was explained in the film, some from the sequels, that the dinosaurs would not be scientifically accurate due the lack of complete genetic sequence from crazy long time extinct animals. So they may or may not have added some other reptiles and amphibians genes into the mix.

At any rate, it was classified information. Suffice to say, if the dinosaurs were to be cultivated using a complete and proper genetic sequence, the raptors would have feathers, and looked more like oversized chickens. So yes, the park dinosaurs is more of a 'cooler' dinosaurs version, rather than an actual dinosaurs that existed eons ago.

No dinosaurs were harmed in this production.
Which brings us to the major plot of the film. The new dinosaur. Not newly introduced in the film, well it is actually, but more than that. A completely new species, a hybrid from different dinosaurs and several other animals, classified info, that would put both Tyrannosaurus Rex and Spinosaurus to shame. Courtesy of Dr. Henry Wu (Bradly Darryl Wong), geneticist from InGen.

Super dangerous, and super awesome. Named, Indominus Rex. The dinosaur was meant to be the park's new attraction, but there were several problems with this new dinosaur. One of them, is that the dinosaur is highly intelligent. It tried to breaks free from its cage several times. Also, it hate humans, and wanted to kill us all.

Conveniently, there are kids in the park. Not just any kids, Claire's nephew. Zach Mitchell (Nick Robinson) and Gray Mitchell (Ty Simpkins). They came over to see their workaholic aunt. And also dinosaurs. Later on, they got a little bit rebellious, slip into a restricted area using the gyrosphere ride, and almost died.

Simon Masrani (Irrfan Khan), owner of the park and Masrani Global Corporation, came by to see this new attraction, and had a bad feeling about this man-made hybrid dinosaur. He told Claire to get Owen Grady (Chris Pratt), the park's velociraptors trainer, to evaluate the dinosaur and its paddock.

Owen at that time was pestered by the evil adult, Vic Hoskins (Vincent D'Onofrio), head of InGen security operations. Vic tried to convince Owen of the potential of using these trained raptors to urmm.. fight against terrorist, or fight in the war for the military. And Owen told Vic, that is a dumb idea.

Awesome dinosaur don't look at explosion.
So Owen went with Claire, to evaluate Indominus Rex and its paddock, and he found out that Indominus Rex had be raised in captivity since it was born. Highly intelligent, extra dangerous, raised in isolation. That could only means one thing. This big lizard is a murderous psychopath. What was the giveaway? Well, Claire told Owen that Indominus killed its own siblings when it was first hatched in batch.

It was then, Indominus Rex puts in motion of its carefully planned jail-break sequence. Step one, camouflaged against visual and thermal detectors, and rush out quickly when they open the gate for inspection. Step two, kill everything in sight. Step three, profit!!

Bit by bit, as the park management and security operation tried to subdue the beast, Indominus's gene mix was revealed. Turns out Indominus can camouflage itself like a cuttlefish and regulate its body temperature like a tree frog. Making it super hard to find and subdued.

As usual, mayhem ensued. Oh yeah, remember Claire's nephews? They almost died. But ultimately, the good guys win. Hey, I don't know what to say. Story-wise, its really was the same old formula back from the previous sequels. It began with a grand opening, then mayhem ensues, and good guys win at the end.

But don't worry. The story formula was well adapted, and the movie was great. Also, Dr. Henry Wu, the geneticist, managed to escape. Along with his research. His super dinosaur research.


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