Friday, July 4, 2014

[Tutorial] Celcom Internet/MMS setting

Celcom Axiata Berhad, one of the oldest, and possibly the second most popular mobile telecommunications company in Malaysia. Notorious for their 'unlimited of something' promotions in various internet plan packages. Their services are mostly used by students and probably young adults as well, making them the highest wireless broadband provider subscribed in the industry.

Their broadband network covered 71% of Malaysia populated areas, so they claimed. Pretty amazing, considering that the company's  history was a bit messy. There were cases of misdeed and mismanagement that should have brought this company down several times over, but luckily they were helped out by a government-link company, Telekom, and restructured back by the Danaharta, the national asset restructuring company. Hmm, their government do loves Celcom, don't they?

Anyway, if you subscribed to the Celcom broadband/internet data plan, you must know that apparently they OTA (Over-The-Air) services doesn't support most of China-made or China-based Mobile Phones (CBMP). Don't ask me, the term was coined by them, actually I've never heard of CBMP before. But then again, their phone setting also doesn't support most of the smartphones. Such as Blackberry, Android, Iphobe, and Windows Mobile. What a minute, that is pretty much everything.

So you need to manually set them, in order for you to access the internet and send/receive MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service). To manually set the internet setting in your smartphone, It will look something like this:

It could be, Mobile Network, Mobile Setting, Preference, or APN (Access Point Name), in your smartphone depending what brand and version that you used. The settings are as follows:

Celcom 3G Setting
Name: celcom3g
APN: celcom3g
Proxy:  or
Port: 8080

Celcom MMS Setting
Proxy: or
Port: 8080

*The rest of the field is blank. No need username and password

You probably wondering, are there any possibilities for you to, you know, get a high speed upload/download or bypass the bandwidth cap? Well, if you noticed, there is a setting for the proxy server and port. Port 8080 is a common port used for web surfing. Proxy server, well, its an intermediary server that you went through before you are connected to the internet.

So fiddle with those, and you might get lucky.


  1. do you know how to change the setting on iphone?

    1. If I'm not mistaken, its in the Settings > General > Cellular Data Network


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