Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Expendables 3 'Leaked'

And by leaked, I meant the movie is out there. In the net, being voraciously downloaded from torrent websites out there. And amazingly, the version of the movie that was leaked is actually a DVD version, pretty high quality.

And it is all out in the open 3 weeks before its big premiere. You probably wondering that this is some sort of hackers attack or some cyber scurvy pirate scheme, but the truth would probably be much more plainer than that.
How did the movie was leaked so early, that the only person that have seen it was probably the director and the cast themselves? There can only be so many people that can have their hand on the copy of that movie. A DVD copy of the movie, mind you. Surely they can easily narrowed it down to who is the real culprit, yes? No? You want to blame the hacker and the scurvy cyber pirate still?

I read in some articles that speculated on how much the studio would lost from this incident. They said that if the average ticket price us $8 and about 200,000 people downloaded 'The Expendables 3', then the Lionsgate studio just theoritically lost about $1.6 million. Seem a lot right? But that the thing. It just an assumption. An assumption that every human being will buy the ticket.

You see, if you put bananas on the side of a road and people just go around and pick them up and eat it for free, it doesn't mean that once you put the bananas on a proper stall with a price tag on it, it would have the same effect. Nope. The same thing with the downloaded movie. People download it because it was available, and it was free.

But if it was on Netflix, people would have stopped and think twice before watching the movie. Then again, if the people who downloaded the movie and loved it, they will still go to the cinema and watch it because, IMAX and Dolby rules!

Don't get me wrong though, I'm not showing support for piracy. It just that I felt some people either really loves to jump into conclusion, or really loves to divert attention from the truth.

I mean come on.
Pirate? Piracy? Who else can pirate that movie's DVD copy?
A little bit far-fetched, don't you think? More like an inside man's job, if you asked me.


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