Wednesday, September 4, 2013

[Movie] Pain and Gain

Pain & Gain, also known as Pain Gain, was released a few month ago this year. I didn't get to watch it in the cinema, but I got my hand on the DVD release. The story was supposed to be based on true story, but its actually not. Probably because, they wanted to make the movie as light and fun as possible. But still embedded with moral values and what not.

The reason I was excited to watch this movie is because of Mark Wahlberg, and Dwayne Johnson (The Rock). And, I wasn't disappointed at all. The movie is actually pretty entertaining. With all the action, comedic act here and there, but more fictional than true event.

The movie was about a gang of bodybuilders decided to commit crimes in order to change their lifestyle. They are strong, had the perfect body, living in fitness, except they are broke. So they do what they do best. They bullied the weak. Now the are a few difference between the movie and the real event (yes, the real event is called the Sun Gym Gang case).

For example, the Sun Gym Gang consist of several member, more than depicted in the movie. And there are also few inaccuracies, probably to add the comical sense. Like the part where the gang absent-mindedly secure Kershaw with seatbelt before crashing the car, actually, Kershaw jumps out from the car and roll over away from the moving car. But yeah, that scene was hilarious. The scene was, where the gang managed to stage the perfect crash, only to find out that the car's safety airbag were deployed and Kershaw was safely secured with seatbelt. LOL

But in sense, this movie actually incite a controversy regarding on its 'Based on True Story' label right under its title. Because the movie only vaguely represent the true event of the Sun Gym Gang. Not to mention some people, feels that the movie actually show sympathy towards the criminals, where the truth is the gang committed quite a crime such kidnapping, extortion, forgery, and even torture and murder. So, in real event, its not a laughing matter, because people actually suffered and died.

However, the movie is still entertaining. So, yes, I put it my 'Movie Marathon Collection'.


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