Monday, February 10, 2014

[Tutorial] How to put emoticon in your Blog

If you are using Wordpress for blogging, then you probably could find some plugin to use emoticon. But if you are using Blogger, then you need to add a script in order make the emoticon to show up without having the hassle of dragging, dropping, and upload it every time you wanted to post an entry.

The script that you need is this one: Emoticon Script (download)

Then, what you need to do is upload it into any file hosting services that allow direct download or could produce direct download link. Remember that the file extension is .JS (because its a javascript) and you link must end with something like 'emoticons.js'.

What, you don't know which file hosting to be used? Eh, just use Dropbox then. Its easier.

After you have uploaded the script, now you need to integrate it into your blog. Go to Layout and click Edit HTML and put this code:

/h i h i
/X D
/w a h a h a
/h m m
/o m g
/b l u r
/n o
/b l u s h
/d i g n o s e
/b y e
/s w e a t
/p l e a s e
/s h o c k
/f l o o r
/n o b i g d e a l

** I put spaces between the emoticon code so you could see the word.

The script also contain Yahoo emoticons B-) >:D< 

In case you are wondering how to see the emoticon list, you can either look at the Yahoo emoticon pages or, well for the onion head emoticon, you can actually just open the script file using Notepad and see the coding yourself. The emoticon not only shows on blog post, but also in the comment section

Cheers >:)


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