Sunday, July 21, 2013

[Tutorial] Playing Nintendo DS in Android

Easy, all you have to do is find the apps named NDS4Droid from the Google Play, then you almost certainly probably maybe able to play the NDS game in your smartphone. Hey, I'm not promising anything other than to tell you that the reason why emulators like this exist is because sometimes it is much more convenient to have multi-purpose gaming platforms

Not to mentioned that some consoles become outdated by a newer consoles rendering your old game collection to be unplayable (I still keep a Playstation 1 emulator so just I could play again my old Metal Gear series). There is a lot of NDS emulator for Androids, but I find that NDS4Droid is the most stable (well, for now) apps. There are other emulators including NDS4Droid that is continuously updated, upgraded, and re-tweak just to ensure the maximum gaming experience when you had the old hand-held console.

To use the apps? Also easy. All you gotta to do is just install the apps, then open up the menu to search for the ROM files (which of course, you own the game). Do you need BIOS to get the emulator running smooth? Not at all. See, very easy
And this is how your emulator would be look like when you play the game. The difference between this emulator and the real console is the console screen is actually vertical, but in the emulator the screen is divided horizontally. Well.. it doesn't really matter.

Of course, one thing you need to know is that even in PC, NDS emulator is known to have a quite of machine requirement, which is 2 Ghz processing power. So yup, in your smartphone some games might be unplayable due to the limitation of the smartphone processor capacity.


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