Sunday, July 21, 2013

[Games] Pacific Rim the Video Game

Ok, I'm going to write one more about the Pacific Rim, then I'm done. Before this we have the movie, the comic (graphic novel), and now we have the video game.

Actually, I might have been waiting for this. Too bad its kinda disappointing for me. But hey, don't let my own personal opinion and preference deter you from enjoying whatever that is you enjoy. If you love the movie, then why not collect some of its merchandise, a fan is still a fan.

This game is published and developed by Yuke's Co. Ltd, a game company based in Japan. I'm not exactly familiar with this game company but apparently they  known for developing WWE Smackdown! game series. They also have experience in developing games based on a movie called The Incredibles.. so..
By the way, this game is developed in a multi platform so there would be for Playstation, Xbox and PC.

I think the gameplay is already spread all over the net, especially in Youtube. So I don't think Spoiler Alert! would be necessary. Every one could see exactly what to expect in this game. But I must warn you though, don't get your hopes too high. The poster might look good, the movie could be great, but with game, well, we've seen what kind of a game it would be when the title have 'the Video Game' at the end..

The game's genre is fighting, a fighting arcade. You know, Street Fighters or Mortal Combat, something like that. The gameplay is pretty much a simple one. In fact, its very simple. You choose which Jaeger or Kaiju (thats right, you can choose to be a Kaiju), and fight with the AI opponents. The opponent could also be either a Kaiju or Jaeger.

The character for both Jaeger and Kaiju is pretty much the same with the one in the movie. There are extra character but it will be included in the urm... DLC (Seriously? A fighting arcade game nowadays have DLC?). Well, back in my days we would just trash the buttons on the controller to get some hidden characters unlocked.

But what makes this game different from other fighting arcade game, aside from the DLC of course, hm? Just as all the fans (probably maybe) would have hope for a video game version of Pacific Rim, yes, there is a customize feature in the game. You can build up your own Jaeger (or Kaiju) and use it to urmm.. fight. The character that the player use would gain experience (you'll get it each time you throw a punch and finishes mission) where the accumulated experience can be use to purchase new gear or increase body part level. Sound nice, eh?

Well, too bad all that prettiness would just go to waste because you still gonna brawl like a piss drunk. In case you still haven't realize from the top all the way down of this article, the graphic is really sucks. I mean, its not like it really matters- wait, it does. The movie was great is precisely because of the graphic.

I mean it was the details of the machine monster what makes us drool over the awesomeness of robot vs monster battle. Not to mention that the entire game lacks of a proper background sound or even something as simple as effect sound. The game might as well put the sound of Whack! or Kapoww! each time somebody's punches landed on something.

Oh yeah, right. I almost totally forgot about the 'single player' and 'mission' part. Well, because of this is a fighting arcade game, so the mission is not exactly something complex with multiple objective. In fact, all you gotta do is pound your opponent's head like a mashed potato. And yes, there would be rounds, like in a wrestling. And no, you not gonna get a chance of walking around rampaging in a city full with scared population. In fact, the mission is completely repetitive and it have nothing to do with any story line, at all. Its just gonna be you, your opponent, and clobbering time! Doesn't matter if the opponent is a Kaiju or Jaeger.

Overall, I think- does it matter if I try to sugar-coat it? Honestly the game really sucks and what would you expect for a game developed and released almost at the same time as the movie. Hey, the movie alone uses $200 million for a budget. So its understandable that the video game version of Pacific Rim is just another way to fork up some money just to break even.

Good news is that movie director, Guillermo del Toro, said that if the movie is a success (they already started the production of the sequel) then next time he would do his best to ensure the gaming experience to be the same as in the comic and the movie.


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